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Electric Tyre Brander Machine of Handheld Tire Branding_Coding_Marking Iron Custom Logo_Label Hot Stamping Embossing Marker Tool

Electric Tyre Brander Machine

Electric Tyre Brander Machine

Electric Tyre Brander Machine designed to mark or change the date, trademark or logo, label, serial numbers, identifying codes of the tires and rubber products, when you use the Electric Tyre Brander Machine, please insert the letters and numbers into the T-shaped slot of the tire branding tool head, wait for 5~8 minutes for heating-up rated temperature, then press the head to the robber within 10seconds to engrave the characters or numbers

Machine Description

Electric Tyre Brander Machine

01: Application

Electric Tyre Brander Machine is specially designed for marking marks, numbers and patterns on the tire or rubber surface, equipped with auto temperature controller and detector to keep equivalent melting temperature, its working temperature is within 500 Celsius degree, that is adjustable according to different scenarios, the work light will turn off when reach preset temperature, the light will turn on when increasing temperature, this Electric Tyre Brander Machine has a precise temperature indicator, also equipped with industrial-grade flexible power cable, that is twisting-resistance for longevity  

02: Parameter


Electric Tyre Brander Machine


Electric heated Tool



Heating Power


Electric Connection

110v,60hz or 220v, 50hz

Temperature Regulation

Within 600 Celsius Degree

Heating-up Time

Within 8, Minutes




 Interchangeable Character

Aviation Aluminum

Top Handle

Back Handle

Solid Plastic

Heating Block

Tool Steel

Power Box




350 Thru 400 Celsius Degree


350 Thru 380 Celsius Degree


120 Thru 160 Celsius Degree


120 Thru 140 Celsius Degree


80 Thru 120 Celsius Degree

Temperature Controller


Interchangeable Character

0 Thru 9; A Thru Z, and Any Symbol

Melting Depth

Within 1.5mm

Max Matrix in installing Slot


Installing Tool


Suitable Material

Rubber, Wood, Paper, Plaster and etc





03: Salient Character

Built-in back handle and top ancillary handle for reliable pressure applied

Multiple heating rods constrained into heating block for quick heat distribution

The heating temperature preset and adjustable to cater to versatile scenarios

Electric connection is optional between 110v and 220v, solely request preliminary confirm

Good thermal conductive copper interchangeable character for equivalent dissipation

Anti rust, corrosion resistance machining tool steel heating block

Aviation aluminum power box and top handle is anodized treatment for insulation

Interchangeable characters allow quick replacement to combine expected matrix

Heavy duty, robust branding tool, and compact handheld type is maneuverable

Especially suitable for shop operations and on-site working

Machine Details

Electric Tyre Brander Machine

We serve our clients with a qualitative range of Electric Tyre Brander Machine in the market, this is used to apply brand trademark, serial No, and date etc on the Tyre, it is operated by arranging the matrix which will be branded in order and put in to the T slot of heating block to preheating 8 minutes, then it can reach the branding temperature it need, Electric Tyre Brander Machine has the penetration depth over 2mm after 3seconds

Machine Uses

Electric Tyre Brander Machine

Electric Tyre Brander Machine has tailored heating block that designate a installing T shaped slot, in which the desired interchangeable characters, numbers or letters can be slid and locked into place the stop spacer or the shot screw, to separate words r space letters, spacer blanks are available, characters are ready to change and this can be done while the tool is hot by using pliers to insert or remove heated characters, before attempting to brand, allow several minutes for the tool reach its operating temperature, once full head is reached, branding is done by simply holding the characters on the specified position of tire basing on temperature: within 400 degree and time within 10 seconds to result in expected crisp imprints

Contact Us

Electric Tyre Brander Machine is constructed to hold up under everyday use, and will give the user long efficient service, the user operate at high temperature and should be used very carefully, severe burns or fire may result if the tool is use improperly, keep Electric Tyre Brander Machine away from combustible materials, don’t place heated brander in area where other many accidentally come in contact with them, always use the correct voltage the tool was designed for, plugging a 110v tool into a 220v with circuit is extremely dangerous, and will cause the Electric Tyre Brander Machine to fail, avoid leaving the tool plugged in for long periods of time without use because it is possible to build up and excess of head, when in use, never rest the Electric Tyre Brander Machine in a position with the branding head down, always use stand to rest the brander tool on a non-combustible surface, don’t strike brander tool against hard surfaces to shake off dirt and sand, cleaning branding head with a brass brush, contact us to gain more on this application, operation, storage and maintenance

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