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Hot Foil Stamping Machine for Plastic Crate of Turnover Box_Basket_Container Decorating Logo_Label Heat Press Printing Equipment

Hot Foil Stamping Machine for Plastic Crate

Hot Foil Stamping Machine for Plastic Crate

Hot Foil Stamping Machine for Plastic Crate is popular process in plastic crate label painting, that involves stamping a layer of hot foil onto plastic container, using a combination of heat and pressure, this creates vibrant and eye-catching graphic image, text or logo with a reflective metallic luster that never fades, particularly when using gold and silver stamping foils, these luxurious foils add a touch of elegance and sophistication to plastic crate/basket/containers/cans/barrels, enhancing the overall artistry and theme of the design, Hot Foil Stamping Machine for Plastic Crate not only enhances the visual appeal of the product but also provides excellent identification during storage or transmission, one of the key benefits of Hot Foil Stamping Machine for Plastic Crate is that it is a dry process method, which means that the painted crates can be stacked, or ready of work without additional process or waiting, this makes a highly efficient and convenient technique in the crates printing industry

Machine Description

Hot Foil Stamping Machine for Plastic Crate

01: Application

People in industrial paining field assort Hot Foil Stamping Machine for Plastic Crate as drying dye printing process, that involves using a heated die to transfer a metallic foil onto plastic container, the majority of stamping dies adopt aluminum or copper material for consistent and reliable temperature distribution, the printing pattern, label, text, signs, graphic image or codes usually complete etching or engraving process on the executing surface, regardless of long period passing, this technology extends its commercial value not only its simple setup but also exclusive performance, when the temperature reach its rated level, the pneumatic actuator drive it on the printing surface of substrate which cause the foil to adhere to the decorative location, applied pressure of the die also creates a raised, embossed effect, its predominant traits present many advantages, such as durability: Hot Foil Stamping Machine for Plastic Crate creates a permanent, high-quality label that will not fade, wear off and corrosion resistance; luxurious appearance: Hot Foil Stamping Machine for Plastic Crate creates a shiny and premium look and feel in plastic crates decoration; versatility: Hot Foil Stamping Machine for Plastic Crate can be used on different sizes of plastic crate within machines top limit; cost-effectiveness: in large volumes, adding hot foil stamping is a cost-effective way to elevate your plastic crate branding, in one word, Hot Foil Stamping Machine for Plastic Crate is great option, the decorated crates are high quality, durable and eye-catching

02: Parameter


Hot Foil Stamping Machine for Plastic Crate



Heating Power


Power Plug in

220v,50hzor 110v,60hz

Hot stamping speed

15 times per minute

Workable size


Stamping Depth

Adjustable within 500mm

Stamping Height

Adjustable within 1300mm

Pressure range


Motor Power


Set-up time

5~10 minutes

Heating Plate


Maximum Pressure


Stroke Distance


Foil Winding

Driven by Electrical


0~300 degree

Gross Weight


Overall Size


03: Tech Highlighting

Pigment, metallic, matte and glossy colors: foil is better than ink processes at delivering shiny or mirror effect finishes

Dry process: hot stamping doesnt use any wet ink or solvents, it is a dry decoration process using foil, there are no storage problems with flammable materials, strong odors, ink mixing, or messy clean-up, the decorated plastic crates are ready to be handled or stacked after stamping

Instantaneous: no post-curing allows immediate handling and packaging

Minimal setup: artwork changeover on some part requires a simple die and or foil roll change if transitioning from one color to the next, no clean-up of inks and tools required, various tools available to achieve quick change transition

On-demand decorating: hot stamp decoration can be accomplished either in line with molding machine or offline utilizing parts from inventory, this provides greater flexibility for user, it is not necessary to have complete artwork at the time the part is made

Semi-skilled operators: when working with a dry process the equipment controls the process, of course there are variable, but not as many as with other processes

Opacity: Foils have superior opacity in one hit/application, pigment foils provide solid colors in flat or gloss finish, equivalent to a thick layer of opaque ink

04: Salient Characters

Reduced setup time, simple operation and maintenance-free

Superior efficiency, sooth and quiet operation, simplified troubleshooting

Working table lift is adjustable and fitting for different sized crates

Foil stamping pressure, temperature and speed all are digital adjustable

High strength steel standing column, stamping head and plate

Foot pedals control the operation

Pneumatic actuator can apply maximum 20000kgs pressure

Multiple heating tubes heat up the stamping plate, that is consistent distribution

Stamping Die is simple and convenient to replace

Highly sensitive temperature automatic control system

Bronzing paper automatic feeding mechanism

Built-in Contour frame for loading alignment in reference

Detailed Images

Hot Foil Stamping Machine for Plastic Crate

Hot Foil Stamping Machine for Plastic Crate is #1:pneumatic driving stamp of maximum pressure up to 500kgs, #2: electric control of pedal valve triggering one circle impression #3: sturdy free-standing frame to avoid back-forwarding during vertical pressing-down, #4: casters built-in basement for convenient movement at any working plate in flexible bulk production #5: compact structure of saving footprint,#6: digital operation panel of readable setting and maintenance #7: quickly access in working performance to provide easiest operation for untrained person, #8: visible circuit connection for least trouble-shooting in resolving any defects, #9: motorized auto foil releasing and collecting device is possible for production of only one person

Machine Uses

Hot Foil Stamping Machine for Plastic Crate

Hot Foil Stamping Machine for Plastic Crate can exert impression in printing any shape, size of container made of plastic, wood within dimension of 1300mm in length or width and 500mm in depth adopting quick changeover stamping die of customized pattern, logo, text, and graphic images at desired size

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