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Plastic Assembly PP PE Spin Welding Machine of Thermoplastic Friction Joining Welder for Round_Circular Rotary Fusion Equipment

Plastic Assembly PP PE Spin Welding Machine

Plastic Assembly PP PE Spin Welding Machine

Plastic Assembly PP PE Spin Welding Machine employs rotary frictional tech for joining two thermoplastic parts together, forming a molecular bond, the weld can achieve via the friction created by rotating one part half against a fixed mating part half while under a clamped load, once the rotation stops, the parts are held together for a short time to solidify the bond, naturally, the joint between the two components to be welded must be circular, the small-mass half is usually located in the upper spinning portions, but exception can be made based on part geometry, a typically Plastic Assembly PP PE Spin Welding Machine consists of an actuator that contains the motor for rotation, either a pneumatic cylinder or electric motor to supply the weld force, and a controller that manages the actuator movement, rotation, and other weld parameter, Plastic Assembly PP PE Spin Welding Machine has many advantage over other welding technique, such as obtaining high-stretch hermetic seals and relatively short welding time, moreover, the process is not as material-specific as ultrasonic welding, so the most thermoplastic can be processed, you also can weld materials from different molding processes, such as injection molded parts to extruded or blow molded components, as long as melt-flow index and melt temperature are very similar, in this process, far-field welding can easily be achieved, which is another advantage over ultrasonic

Machine Description

Plastic Assembly PP PE Spin Welding Machine

01: Application

Plastic Assembly PP PE Spin Welding Machine employs rotary friction tech to joint spherical or cylindrical thermoplastic parts, where welding parts with rotational symmetrical joining interfaces implement rubbing melt and instantaneous solidification under pressure in a unidirectional circular motion, normally, one have is help stationary while the mated half is rotated, the heat that happens during this process melts the plastic at the interface, forming a weld upon cooling, Plastic Assembly PP PE Spin Welding Machine features a simple and highly energy efficient process, because of little excess heat generated, which means that cooling times limit within one second, this makes the process well suited to automated assembly line application, strong, hermetic joints complete production, which work out a stronger bonding assemble than parent parts, no foreign materials involve into the weld and no environmental consideration as in solvent welding or adhesive bonding, the process can therefore be used for sealing a liquid in a container, other application include fuel filters, check valves, truck lights, aerosol cylinders and floats, Plastic Assembly PP PE Spin Welding Machine additional applied for assembling structural components, connecting ventilation piles to blow-molded fuel tanks, and welding tops and bottoms on containers, almost thermoplastic with spherical, cylindrical, axis symmetrical shaped joining interface can be joined using Plastic Assembly PP PE Spin Welding Machine

02: Tech Data


Plastic Assembly PP PE Spin Welding Machine



Input Power


Input Voltage

220v/50hz, Single Phase

Max Diameter


Rotation Speed

Maximum 3000RPM

Protection of motor

Single Phase/Overload prevented.

Timer (Digital)

0.01 to 9.99seconds

Holding Time


Air Pressure

Up to 6kw/cm square





Travelling Distance


Travelling Actuator  



Electric Motor

Collapse Control



10 N*M

Controlling System

Programmable Logic Control with Touch Screen

Software Language

Chinese, English or requested.

Top Spindle

Aluminum Actuator with Elastic Rubber Engaging Linear

Clamping Fixture



Both Operation





03: Salient Character

Ability to weld parts with circular joint that are not easily welded by ultrasonic.

Relatively fast cycle times when compared with adhesive or fasteners assemble.

Compatible with most thermoplastic, typically for Semi-crystalline, likely PP, PE, Nylon

Ideal for welding of Ultrasonic difficult welding material, likely PP, PE

Ability to weld several dissimilar thermoplastics.

No consumables, likely adhesive, fasteners, blots, and burned caused fumes or emissions.

High strength, hermetic and robust sealing, but lost cost, quick change tooling

Low maintenance, low power consumption and convenient operation and monitoring

Strong, consistent welds, suitable for large and complex parts

No drilling, punching press, no damage surface, resulting in aesthetically pleasing finish.

Environmentally friendly, no waste, fumes and emission generated.

Versatile application, suitable for wide range of thermoplastic, composites and engineered.

Detailed Images

Plastic Assembly PP PE Spin Welding Machine

Plastic Assembly PP PE Spin Welding Machine cannot miss precautions, such as parts joint must be on a circular axis; determine whether or not final orientation of parts is required; joint design must take into account flash/particulate produced during the process; preferable, upper part half will be designed for use with drive features(area for driver to engage parts); ideal parting line will be parallel to the force applied by the driver; joint design must allow for sufficient collapse distance, insufficient collapse may cause poor weld strength/quality; material selection may have an impact on welder type (orientation or inertia); part must be designed to that there is not contact (other than joint area) between the spinning part half and the stationary part half

Machine Uses

Plastic Assembly PP PE Spin Welding Machine

Plastic Assembly PP PE Spin Welding Machine applies thermoplastic bonding of parts with circular joining interface in versatile plastic assembly field, such as automotive: fuel system filtration, air duct, filter bowls, and oil fill tube components; appliance: water valves, refrigeration water filtration, and toilet components; irrigation system: sprinkler components; pool and spa: filtration components; beverage: dispensing, beverage cups; medical syringes and other more spherical shaped components

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