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Wire Marking Machine Hot Stamp Cable Printer of Wires ID_Date Code_Cables Identification Electric Heated Foil Stamping Equipment

Wire Marking Machine Hot Stamp Cable Printer

Wire Marking Machine Hot Stamp Cable Printer

Wire Marking Machine Hot Stamp Cable Printer is traditional wire/cable marking imprinter for variety of insulation types, including PVC, PP, Teflon up to 15mm outer diameter, its wide carriage enables this compact, table-top wire hot imprinter to mark each end of the wire and cable with different alphanumeric string up to 40 character long, since both leading and trailing end marks are applied at the same time, it can also perform double continuous marking at set intervals for greater production, that is completed by a dual tower of type-wheels for greater production rates, Wire Marking Machine Hot Stamp Cable Printer easily interfaces with other wires processor, such as cutting, stripping, terminating, an optional foot pedal is also available for stand-along operations

Machine Description

Wire Marking Machine Hot Stamp Cable Printer

01: Application

Wire Marking Machine Hot Stamp Cable Printer is designated for economical and high quality marking of wires and cables, the combination of characters and character size can be selected freely within the specific range, Wire Marking Machine Hot Stamp Cable Printer is suitable for marking thermoplastic materials, particularly for wire, wire, tube, shrinking sleeve, during the process the preheated characters wheels imprint the precision engraved characters by pressing the pigmented marking foil into the wires/cables, the concave form of the characters are exactly matched to the diameter of the processed wires/cables, the precise adjusting options for the stamping pressure, and time and the marking temperature allow to recall every result

02: Parameter


Wire Marking Machine Hot Stamp Cable Printer



Power Supply

Electric Connection:220v,50/60hz

Air Compressor:6bar

Raw Material Diameter


Number of wheels

Maximum 38

Characters Per wheel


Marking Pressure

0~6 bar

Marking Temperature

0~205 Degree Celsius

Stamping Time


Type Style

Radiused Character

Character Size



Character Configuration

A to Z;0to 9;-/。 and blank

Character pitch

3mm /3.5mm

Marking Foil

Pigment Foil Colors: Black, white (other colors upon request)


On/off switch with power indicator

Manual mode for test mark and test cycle function

Electronic dwell timer

Solid-state digital temperature controller with actual and set power read out

Air pressure regulator





Printing Method

Hot Stamp process, full-size,40characters per typewheel


Pneumatic/electric, remote signal operation in conjunction with in-line wire processor (also available as bench-top operation with foot pedal

CE Conformity

Complied with CE equipment guidelines relative to mechanical and electrical safety and electromagnetic compatibility

Important Note

Keepleader recommends that wire samples be submitted in cases where there is doubt as to the processing capability of a particular machine

03: Salient Characters

Wide carriage for end marking application

Mounts to specified quantities of type-wheels

Prints horizontal or vertically along the wires

Less operator fatigue than lever operated machine.

Utilizes full-size,40character typewheels.

Prints in-line with most wire processors.

Foil cassette allows quick foil changeover.

Closed loop integral temperature digital controller.

Large selection of character sizes and foils

Solid state dwell timer for better repeatability

Stroke adjustment to ensure maximum production rate based on wire sizes.

Standard V-block wire guide allows marking on wire up to 15, outer diameter.

Quick-change fixture system minimizes set-up time and maximizes printing speed.

Suitable for insulated wire and cable made of PVC, Teflon, PP and other more

Prints on commend from wire processor, cutter, stripper or terminator

Built-in coupled port interfaces with wire processing machine for auto cycle production

Detailed Images

Wire Marking Machine Hot Stamp Cable Printer

Wire Marking Machine Hot Stamp Cable Printer create marking prints onto the conductive wires/cables by pressing a heated rotary character discs and pigment foil onto it, this pneumatic driven, pedal valve activated, table-top, compact Wire Marking Machine Hot Stamp Cable Printer deforms insulated rubber surface of wires and cables and causes engravings, while the pigment adheres to the wires/cables due to heat, each rotary disc combines one array of character consisting of letters,: A~Z; numbers: 0~9, and punctuation: -/. of total quantities:40, the character sizes depend on outer diameter of wires/cables, either or, keepleader, we work a reliable solution for specific production at competitive price.

Machine Uses

Wire Marking Machine Hot Stamp Cable Printer

Wire Marking Machine Hot Stamp Cable Printer is available in three configurations, driving system varies electric motor, manual lever, pneumatic to meet both application requirements as well as purchasing budget, these models can be easily interfaced with wire processing machines, and their small footprint makes them an easily integrate into exiting production lines, likely cutting, stripping, terminating, the user has the ability to mark a wide range of materials including PVC, PP, Teflon cable, wire, sleeve, tube

Contact Us

Keepleader, our customers around the globe have all benefited from our user-friendly Wire Marking Machine Hot Stamp Cable Printer, it is easy to see why, whether you are looking for individual identification of wires and cables, harnesses or any other similar function, our permanent, no-abrasive hot stamping and thermal transfer marking machine will offer the widest range of uses and applications for marking wires and cables, our Wire Marking Machine Hot Stamp Cable Printer varies character size and quantity of rotary discs, and activated systems consisted of electric, manual lever and pneumatic, and other functional configuration we usually take bespoke fabrication, kindly advise us your tech concerns and specified process for matching, ensure that we can work out a reliable solution at competitive price for your wires/cables identifying process

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