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Tyre Brander Tool Tire Branding Iron of Handheld Stamp Marking Equipment for Tires Making_Logo Coding_Electric Imprinting Irons

Tyre Brander Tool Tire Branding Iron

Tyre Brander Tool Tire Branding Iron

Tyre Brander Tool Tire Branding Iron has a rotary character wheels, that combines asked-for quantities of discs of each has ten sides engraved any characters in letters: A thru Z,Numbers:0 Thru 9, Dash or Blank space basing in sizes within 20mm, it is a quick, easy way to brand ties and equipment with serial numbers, inventory numbers and whatever numbering system that will suit your purpose, heated shrank distribute coherent heating thoroughly goes through mounted character discs, all heated at one time and kept hot by the powerful internal heater, that generate maximum heating power: 1200w for sufficient and quick heating actuation

Machine Description

Tyre Brander Tool Tire Branding Iron

01: Application

Tyre Brander Tool Tire Branding Iron employs elbow force of hand press to hot embed serious numbers into tire rubber surface for identifying codes, the rotary character wheels are freely dialed to combined intended matrices, that is a practical and affordable way to apply sequence brands, the compact, on board design keeps every character hot and ready to execute, its imprinting material embraces wood, plastic, rubber or any other brand-able material, specified quantities of rotary discs of each has ten sides can engrave any letters, numbers or individual symbols at designated sizes within 20mm, additional top handle is efficiently avoid operation fatigue and flexible applying pressure, decade years of experience proofs that Tyre Brander Tool Tire Branding Iron is reliable tools to mark your identification codes in durability and indelibility

02: Parameter


Tyre Brander Tool Tire Branding Iron



Heating Power


Power Plug In

110v,60hz;220v,50hz Single Phase

Qty of Rotary Disc

Within 10 or specified more.

Wheel sides

Qty:10sides per wheel in Letters: A~Z, Number:0~9, or other specified symbols

Character size

6*3mm/7.5mm or other specified sizes


Tool Steel wheels, shrank, Stainless Steel Heating Element, Aviation Alu Case

Safe Control

Dual protective fuses



Heating Rod

Qty: 3 of Each Power:400w

Temperature CTRL

Digital Controller

Heating up Time

5~8 minutes

Melting Depth

Within 2mm

Melting TEMP


Temperature Range

Within 500 Celsius Degree adjustable



Packaging Size


Packaging Weight


03: Salient Characters

Coupled two handles from back and top to apply sufficient pressure and flexible operation to avoid fatigue.

Qty of 3 heating tubes built-in heating shrank to quick setup and even temperature distribution.

Maximum heating-up temperature reaches 500 Celsius degrees, that is workable on oak wooden.

1200 wattage heating elements, that has strong power for coherent temperature.

Sided characters engraved around the rotary wheels is freely selected in dialing.

Electric heated, digital temperature control and dual fuse protection power circuit

Heavy-duty, robust construction, character wheels made of tool steel, power case made of aviation alu.

Handheld style is suitable for on-site working, particularly in working-shop operations.

Three-wires, grounded construction for operator safety

Daily rod with rubber insulated head to execute rotation, easy operation to changeover new numbers.

Each of designated wheels includes the number:0 thru 9, letters: A thru Z, dash and blank space.

Customized combination of letters, numbers and character sequencing

Precision element wound around a high conductivity core provides consistent die temperature.

Hard rubber handle ensures a cool and comfortable grip.

Burn resistant, flexible and neoprene power cord.

All major parts including temperature control, heater, handle and cord are user replaceable.

Detailed Images

Tyre Brander Tool Tire Branding Iron

Tyre Brander Tool Tire Branding Iron employs electric heating to generate coherent temperature in distribute melting resulted in embedded imprints, its precaution must takes care, such as operation at high temperature should be used very carefully, severe burns or fire may result if the tyre Brander Tool Tire Branding Iron is used improperly; keep Tyre Brander Tool Tire Branding Iron away from combustible materials, dont place heated branding iron in areas where other may accidentally come in contact with them; perpetually use the correct voltage the tire branding iron was designed for plugging a 220 volt, tool into a 110v volt circuit is extremely dangerous, and will cause the tire branding ire to fail; avoid leaving the tire branding iron plugged in for long periods of time without use because it is possible to built up and excess of heat; when in use, never rest the Tyre Brander Tool Tire Branding Iron in a position with the branding head down, perpetually rest the tire branding iron on a non-combustible surface; do not strike Tyre Brander Tool Tire Branding Iron against hard surface to shake of rubber debris, cleaning the rotary head with a brass brush

Machine Uses

Tyre Brander Tool Tire Branding Iron

Tyre Brander Tool Tire Branding Iron can execute embedding imprint into tire rubber surface depth within 2mm, you bring your matrices into our character wheels, each tire branding iron is an extension of your creativity, offering precision in every tire identifying imprint, that presents pioneer metrics such as design flexibility: tailor Tyre Brander Tool Tire Branding Iron to your specification; precision crafting: elaborate designs for a professional finish; an enduring build: constructed for longevity and consistent performance

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Tyre Brander Tool Tire Branding Iron keepleader, we designs and manufactures a complete line of rugged, dependable, and innovative branding irons and marking tools, our customers are commercial and industrial companies, professional craftsmen and individual hobbyists with a need to permanently and indelibly mark products, property, tools or equipment in material such as wood, leather, plastic and rubbers, Tyre Brander Tool Tire Branding Iron is professional solution for tire identifying sequence marking, that accepts designation in matrices and respective sizes, depends on individual concerns, kindly bestow your expectation for tech verification precede procurement

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