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Solvent Degreasing Ultrasonic Vapor Degreaser Machine of Oil Removing Industrial Ultra Sonic Vapour Degreasers Cleaner Equipment

Solvent Degreasing Ultrasonic Vapor Degreaser Machine

Solvent Degreasing Ultrasonic Vapor Degreaser Machine

Solvent Degreasing Ultrasonic Vapor Degreaser Machine uses boiling solvent, rather than water, for fast precision cleaning and remove of true oils from contaminated parts, vapor degreaser machine applies the principle of distillation and condensation to achieve high quality cleaning and quick drying, which have been around for long time, but, they doesnt mean they are all created equal, the significant advancements in cleaning solvent have brought increased solvent costs, therefore, vapor degreaser machine solvent recapture and vapor degreasing distillation has never been more important, ensuring the proper boiling heat capacity balanced with chilling capacity and free-board is a most for todays vapor degreaser machine, keepleader, we can provide reliable solution with proofread functionality  

Machine Description

Solvent Degreasing Ultrasonic Vapor Degreaser Machine

01: Application

Solvent Degreasing Ultrasonic Vapor Degreaser Machine is conventional, but prevalent and reliable cleaning solution in almost any industry where precision cleaning is paramount to the manufactured parts, it is common in the automotive, aviation and aerospace and medical device manufacturing, jewelry manufacturing, and electronic assembly industries, various methods have been developed along the way to include vapor only cleaning, vapor-spray-vapor, liquid-vapor, boiling liquid-warm liquid-vapor, spray-under-immersion and vacuum degreasing,of note, ultrasonic cleaning can supplement nearly all of these methods

Solvent Degreasing Ultrasonic Vapor Degreaser Machine plays catching-eyes performance, in general, modern, nonflammable vapor degreaser machine cleaning fluids have low surface tension, low viscosity,high density and low latent heat,this means vapor degreaser machine cleans more easily, with less heating, fewer pumps, no air knives and so on, there is not water to heat, which save electricity, instead, the cleaning fluid heats to just above room temperature, which takes very little electricity in addition

011:The cleaning fluid moves by gravity, so there are no big pumps required to puch the cleaning fluid around, saving electricity

012: There are no blowers or air knives on vapor degreaser machine,which save electricity, the cleaning fluid is retained inside of vapor tank and the parts being cleaned come out dray, in fact, motorized fans and fume hoods are not recommended near vapor degreaser machine because it increase cleaning fluid losses, so electricity is saved there,too

013: No Stand-by mode required

014: there is no waste treatment required, which save electricity, because the vapor degreaser machine is automatically, inherently and continuously re-purifying and re-distilling the solvent

015: there is no humidity added to the factory environment, so air conditioning and environmental loads are reduced

02: Working Principle

Solvent Degreasing Ultrasonic Vapor Degreaser Machine gains another gratify because of simple operation, reliable working performance, inside the tank, liquid solvent is heated to a vapor which envelops the soiled parts suspended in the vapor zone of the vapor degreaser machine, as the vaporized/boiled solvent condenses when the parts at ambient temperature enters the vapor,dirt and contaminants are washed from the part and drained back into the liquid solvent solution in the boil sump of the vapor degreaser machine

In this process, parts are placed in a metal basket or holder that is lowered within the vapor degreaser machine, the basket remain above the boiling solvent but below the cooling coils, the vapor degreaser machine boils the solvent, solvent vapors rise but don’t escape because there are trapped within the vapor degreaser machine via condensing coils blanket by a a large of refrigeration, the vapor then condenses on the surface of the parts dissolving the contaminants,as the solvent drips off the object it removes the soils with it, this is a closed-loop process, so the solvent is cycled

Over-and-over again, the vapors rise into the cold trap, condense into liquid, then run back down into the rinse sump/boiling sump, the rinse sump then over flow in the boil sump, if have not rinse sump, drip into the boiling sump directly. The soil stays in the boil sump and does not travel with the vapor, thus avoiding cross-contamination of both the parts and the rinse sum

03: Parameter


Solvent Degreasing Ultrasonic Vapor Degreaser Machine



Power Supply


Working Dimension


Solvent Capacity


Distillation Rate




Ultrasonic Power


Ultrasonic Frequency

28Khz or 40khz

Heating Power


Overall Dimension




Packaging Volume


04:Salient Character

Free-board ratio of greater than 100% to eliminate diffusion losses

Refrigerated primary condensing coil to condense the bulk of the solvent vapors

Refrigerated sub-zero free-board condenser to provide a cold air barrier minimizing fugitive losses

Sealing cover to eliminate drafts and help seal the unit during periods of inactivity

Boiling sump construct level control to avoid dry heating

Distilling recovery and condensing dry take functional completion in a cycle

Extended bag filtering system is acceptable in a compacted construction

Chilling coils are connected with water chiller to barrier to environmental humidity

Stainless plumbing for solvent-wet areas

Future proofed design with five year manufacturer’s warranty

Designed to use all types of non-flammable degreasing solvent including HFE,nPB

All machines manufactured by our family-owned factory

All stainless steel construction, traceability certification available

Specialized fabrication available required

Aluminum plate heating element for energy efficiency and longevity

Free-board dwell ensures completely dry components at end of process

Small footprint designed for clean room application

Easy to use, minimal operator training required

Intelligent ultrasonic agitation built in for deep penetration

05:Operative guidelines

The utmost in Solvent Degreasing Ultrasonic Vapor Degreaser Machine to perform best effects with sufficient knowledge upon optimizing a vapor degreaser machine process,it is prominent to note the following

This should be performed on easy different part you clean, this will help you develop standard operation procedures that your operators can follow

A subset of this process is to develop a program for each different soil on the parts, as an example, you may be a contract manufacturer that utilizes a large number of solder pastes and fluxes depending on the requirements and call-outs of your customer, determine, by the construction of the parts, which of the various cleaning options you can or cannot, utilize based on the sensitivity of the components, for instance, what is allowed by the customer, immersion (boil or clean/cold sumps), ultrasonic, spray wand usage, etc? Some customers may leave it up to you to determine the best and most efficient method while others will tell you what is not allowed or not recommended due to the sensitivity of the components, for instance, radio frequency components generally cannot withstand the aggression of an ultrasonic process due to their sensitive frequency operation

As our example, we will use a basic PCB to be de-fluxed with no sensitive component restriction, however, also assure the customer has specified that there will be no immersion such as vapor zone cleaning, but spray wand usage is ok

Hopefully, your chemical manufacturer has performed cleaning trials on these test board and has provided you with a general guideline for vapor zone cleaning only, use these setting as a starting point, if this has not occurred, you will need to start from scratch

051:Optimize for maximum condensation

Run the test board with a standard vapor zone cycle time to assure that maximum condensation has occurred ( when condensation stops, the part and the vapor have reached the same temperature and will be essential dry), record this time, as this point, cleaning has ceased, remove the part following the withdrawal procedure and inspect for cleanliness, if there is remaining flux residue, the cycle must be repeated, re-inset the part next to the cold condenser to chill it as much as possible, the goal is to obtain a wide temperature delta between the part and hot vapors (record this length of time for future reference), again, low the part into the hot vapors, and record this time (it will probably vary a lot from the first cycle). go through the withdrawal procedure and again inspect the piece, if it meets the cleanliness requirement, you are done, if not, repeat the cycle until clean. Verify the vapor zone cleaning procedure based on the specific validation plan

052: Evaluate supplemental cleaning steps

Since there was no restriction on wand usage, test this along with the times recorded for vapor zone cycles

Start by using the wand (record the time of spraying) prior to the vapor zone cleaning and see it that makes an improvement

Increase the spray time a bit prior to vapor immersion to see if cleaning improves, if not, start decreasing the times to find the maximum cleaning effect in the shortest amount time time

Also, try the wand spray in the same manner at the end of the vapor cycle times

Record all of these spray wand variations and times for later compilation

The idea behind this simple example is to increase cleaning performance in a timely manner, in turn, this increases throughout, decrease solvent loss and operates the unit in an efficient manner

For each cleaning option/variable you try if the option does not increase cleaning performance or reduce time, discard it, at each stage of experience, go back and re-verify each option/variable until you are convinced that the process is operating flawlessly and with maximum performance

Obviously, you can see that if you have multiple parts and soils, this can take a long period of time to set up you cleaning programs, or schedules, however, one done, you operators will have a clear step-by-step recipe for the variations in parts and soils, each time a new one is added, the variation process must be repeated and an addendum made to the program to follow, clearly logging these standard operation procedures also allows for smoother technician turnover and increased product consistency over time

Essentially, any time the upstream process changes, the cleaning department should verify what, if any changes should be make to account for this, this will give your process team members confidence that the cleaning method was validated by a strict set of rules and the most efficient method was chosen to both meet customer performance standards and streamline production time efficiency, it is well worth the time spent in optimizing the recording the process, your customers and team members will appreciate the results

Detailed Images

Solvent Degreasing Ultrasonic Vapor Degreaser Machine

Solvent Degreasing Ultrasonic Vapor Degreaser Machine gains superior characteristics of 1st: super fast, cycle time of about 5 to 6 minutes;2nd: hand warm, clean and dry end result; 3rd: based on non-flammable solvents;4th: no risk of corrosion, because no water is used; 5th: small footprint, take up little space; 6th: environmentally friendly; 7th: optionally manually or fully automated, 8th: options of mechanical control and intelligent controlling system: 9th: appended spray wand,multi-sumps and auto lifting system are all optional 

Machine Uses

Solvent Degreasing Ultrasonic Vapor Degreaser Machine

Solvent Degreasing Ultrasonic Vapor Degreaser Machine offers advantages for the most stubborn contaminants and is commonly used for cleaning applications like those listed fields of #1: stubborn organic soils such as mold release agents,wax and impregnated grease; #2:excessive particulate contamination on the work piece; #3:inaccessible surfaces, blind holes and intricate passageways on he work piece; #4: critical cleaning of high-reliability components such as printed circuit boards, medical device,microcircuits and aerospace, aviation components

Functional Illustration

Solvent Degreasing Ultrasonic Vapor Degreaser Machine

Solvent Degreasing Ultrasonic Vapor Degreaser Machine has benefits of #1: superior cleaning performance and effectiveness #2: No dependence on manual cleaning #3: prevents cross-contamination #4: repeatable #5: quick, no extra drying process required #6: recycle solvent from one part to another

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Our Solvent Degreasing Ultrasonic Vapor Degreaser Machine comes in a variety of configurations depending on customer application, we can size a vapor degreaser machine to fit not any your parts, but also your cycle time, and production requirements with today’s solvent, it is essential to size the vapor degreaser machine properly to ensure maximum solvent recapture through distillation cycle chilling coils, for expert help with your precision cleaning application, look to best technology, our applications engineer can work with you to get a vapor degreaser machine that not only fits your parts, but also you cycle time, and production requirements, contact a vapor degreaser machine expert today to receive a free proposal 

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