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Cable Marking Machine Hot Stamp Wire Printer of Electric Wires Hot Foil Stamping Printers for Cables Rubber ID Printing Markers

Cable Marking Machine Hot Stamp Wire Printer

Cable Marking Machine Hot Stamp Wire Printer

Cable Marking Machine Hot Stamp Wire Printer is an electron-pneumatic hot stamping unit used to print on wires, cables and hoses, the hot stamping process produces abrasion-resistance markings in high quality, in this process a heated printing wheel packet printing foil onto the material to be printed on, all printing parameters such as contact pressure, printing time and temperature can be selected by the user, in addition, this Cable Marking Machine Hot Stamp Wire Printer is finished with precision melting tuner, this allows the printing of thine cables with few characters or thick cables with many characters

Machine Description

Cable Marking Machine Hot Stamp Wire Printer

01: Application

Cable Marking Machine Hot Stamp Wire Printer can execute economical and permanent marking on the insulation surface of wire and cable, shrink sleeves and tubes, the combination of characters and character size can be selected freely within the specific range, the hot stamp marking process is suitable for marking the thermoplastic materials, during the process the preheated rotary character discs imprint the precision-engraved characters by pressing the pigmented marking foils into the selected material, the concave form of the characters are exactly matched to the diameter of processed material, the precise adjusting option for the stamping pressure, time and the marking temperature allow to recall every result, the inked layer released in pigment foil embedded into the indented characters achieves abrasion-resistance marking identification

02: Parameter


Cable Marking Machine Hot Stamp Wire Printer



Power Plug In

220v, 50hz Single Phase

Qty of Rotary Discs

18pcs or specified

Character Size

2.4*2.4mm or Specified

Driving Actuator

Pneumatic or Manual Lever and Motorized

Qty of Character in Discs


Characters in Discs

A~Z, 0~9, +/- Blank

Heating Tempature

100~200 Celsius Degree

Time of Heating-up

Within 10 Minute

Workable Insulation

PVC, Teflon, Tefzel, Cross-inked

Raw Material Diameter


Marking Pressure

0~6 Bar

Stamping Time

0.1~3.0 seconds

Production Rate

0.5 second per marking

Pigment Foil Color

Blank, White on request: Red,Yellow,Green, Blue


Pedal Valve or interfaced with other processing machine

Steplessly variable (adjustment to letter height)

Net Weight


Gross Weight


Packaging Size


Notice: keepleader recommends that wire samples be submitted in cases where where is doubt as to the processing capabilities of particular machine

03: Salient Characters

Wide carriage for end marking applications

Large selection of character sizes and foils

Foil-reel allows quick foil changeover

Closed loop integral temperature controller

Design simplicity in control and operation

Digital temperature control with feedback loop

Less operator fatigue than a lever operated machine

Solid state dwell timer for better repeatability

Can be easily interfaced with wire processing machines

Custom build heated head to accept competitors type holders

Quick changeover between sleeve and wire

Long-lasting markings obtainable with simple operation

Easy dial character discs or individual type and blocks

For insulated wire and cable including Teflon, Tefzel and etc

Prints horizontally or vertically along the wires

Quick-change fixture system minimizes set-up time and maximum printing speed

For hot stamping cable and wire insulation, heat shrink sleeve and plastic tubing

Machine is also capable for using engraved logo dies for customizing sleeve

Standard V-block wire guide allows marking on cable up to 15mm outer diameter

Forty characters in rotary discs in freely selection to combine specified codes

Wire can be pulled through by hand or using production machinery

Rugged heavy duty construction for the production environment

Stroke adjustment to ensure maximum production rate basing on wire size

Detailed Images

Cable Marking Machine Hot Stamp Wire PrinterCable Marking Machine Hot Stamp Wire Printer

Cable Marking Machine Hot Stamp Wire Printer varies from availability in three configurations, manual lever, servo motor and pneumatic driven pressure, to meet both your application requirements as well as your purchasing budget, all of models can be easily interfaced with wire processing machines and their small footprint makes them as easily integral into existing production lines,combined with our wire marking type with concave characters and flat face type for heat shrink sleeve, you have the ability to mark a wide range of material including cable and wire, heat-shrink sleeve, and plastic tube,hoses, another nice features of our Cable Marking Machine Hot Stamp Wire Printer is the automatic foil feed which advances the foil after each impression is stamped

Machine Uses

Cable Marking Machine Hot Stamp Wire Printer

Cable Marking Machine Hot Stamp Wire Printer can be used either as a normal table marking unit with a foot pedal, or it can be connected to a cutter unit, the existing interface allows the connection to products by different manufacturers, wire straighteners, foil rewinding system and wheel lock are add-ons allowing for large series production, its results vary from processes which is ahieved by combined parameters of stamping pressure, time, temperature and pigment foils 

Tech Illustration

Cable Marking Machine Hot Stamp Wire Printer

Cable Marking Machine Hot Stamp Wire Printer is an electron-pneumatic thermal stamping unit used for marking wire and cables, this hot stamp wire printer produces high-quality,permanent and abrasive-resistant identifying marks, advantages include user-friendly handling, flexibility, cost-effectiveness, easy legibility, lasting and oil resistant labeling, non-dislodge-able, and non-protruding markings, this Cable Marking Machine Hot Stamp Wire Printer operates using the hot stamping method with wear-resistant printing foil

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Cable Marking Machine Hot Stamp Wire Printer has option of typewheel quantities in 1~40, character height in 1.2~4mm and combined character in each wheel in any letters, numbers, and symbols, the codes can engrave either in horizontal read from left to right or vertical read from top to bottom, keepleader construct driven types of actuation in manual level, electric actuated and electron pneumatic actuated stroking system, its marking process suits imprinting of automotive, motorcycle, aviation cables or wires as well as products such as fishing line, anyway, our personality in production resolves individual application in marking identification codes, your expectation always come into our desirable consideration in priority

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