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Test Sieves Cleaning Compact Ultrasonic Cleaner for Laboratory Sieve_Sifter_Sieving Mesh Screen Ultrasound Particle Washing Bath

Test Sieves Cleaning Compact Ultrasonic Cleaner

Test Sieves Cleaning Compact Ultrasonic Cleaner

Test Sieves Cleaning Compact Ultrasonic Cleaner

Test Sieves Cleaning Compact Ultrasonic Cleaner takes design in speciality to provide a safe and effective tricks for decontamination test sieves, the compact and portable structure of standing-along gratifying changeable working scenarios, that is operates on 110v,60hz or 550v,50hz cycle current, and requires little if any, maintenance, the Test Sieves Cleaning Compact Ultrasonic Cleaner produces ultrasonic vibrations in a cleaning fluid bath, which cause contaminants to become dislodged from both the sieve frame and media,vibrations up to 40000 per second are transmitted to the cleaning solution, cleaning times ranges from 5~15 minutes, the unit will clean one 200mm diameter full height test sieve qty: 4 in one basket at a time

Machine Description

Test Sieves Cleaning Compact Ultrasonic Cleaner

01: Application

Test Sieves Cleaning Compact Ultrasonic Cleaner attains its speciality in its design of providing a safe and effective reliability for decontamination test sieves,its favorable characters embody compact structure,standing-along, electric powered, no-toxic aqueous cleaning, easy operation and little maintenance, ultrasonic cleaner produces ultrasonic vibrations in a cleaning fluid bath, which cause contaminants to be become dislodged from both the sieve frame and media, vibration up to 40000 per second are transmitted to the cleaning solution with in 5~15 minutes for test sieve of diameter: 200mm gratifying 4pcs in a basket of one cycle,deposits and stuck particles reduce the permeability of the metal sieves, which reduces re-productivity and result accuracy, traditional cleaning cannot loose stuck particles, with intensive ultrasonic cleaning, even the finest particles can be cleaned off and the test sieves remain their original accuracy,Test Sieves Cleaning Compact Ultrasonic Cleaner creates microscopically small bubbles,when they implode, gentle remove the dirt even from hard-to-reach recesses in test sieves, after rinsing and drying, the cleaned screens function reliable again, the service life is considerable extended by this microscopic scrubbing treatment, and time and costs are saved

02: Parameter


Test Sieves Cleaning Compact Ultrasonic Cleaner



Power Supply

Phase Volt:220v/110v,50/60hz

Ultrasonic Power


Ultrasonic Frequency


Sieve Diameter


Max Qty of Sieve in a Cycle


Cleaning Time

Within 30 Minutes adjustable

Heating Power


Inner size of cleaning chamber


Filling Volume of Aqueous


Heating Temperature

40~60 Celsius Degree

Duration Time

10~15 Minutes

Material of Oscillation Chamber

Stainless Steel SUS304 and 316L

Spectrum treatment

Chrome Coated

Qty of Vibrators

12pcs pf Each: 500w, 40khz

Ancillary Function

Degas, Pulse Vibrating, and Auto-sweep Frequency

Ultrasonic Generator

Digital Control, touch screen

Net Weight


Gross Weight


Packaging Size


03: Cleaning Schedule

How does Test Sieves Cleaning Compact Ultrasonic Cleaner work?

The unclean sieve is first placed in an ultrasonic bath that is filled with in aqueous cleaning liquid (made of water and high-quality ultrasonic cleaning solution), when switched on, the the ultrasonic cleaner starts cleaning ultrasonic waves that generate microscopic bubbles, these collide vigorously with the soiled sieve surface placed within the cleaning liquid, the process acts like a brush and is also called cavitation which actually removes all the contaminants and fine particles bonded to the sieve’s surface without actually impacting its made and design, the entire process involves is Eco-friendly and hence is gentle as compared to the conventional test sieve cleaning methods, likely manual brass cleaning, soak washing, flushing and pressure cleaning

04: Salient Characters

Full immersion cleaning, 4 test sieve in one cleaning basket immersed into liquid bath

Standing-along, compact structure, convenient to moving at working-sites

Independent ultrasonic generator mounted at the bottom power cabinet

Special programs for cleaning of test sieve and sample preparation

Special efficient degas function to improve the ultrasonic cavitation

High performance 40khz ultrasonic transducers

Ultrasonic tank made of cavitation-resistant stainless steel  

Programmable logic control, touch screen,digital control parameter

Tuning knob for setting continued and short-period operation from 5~15minutes

05: Use guidance

As with any process involving Test Sieves Cleaning Compact Ultrasonic Cleaner, best results can be achieved by first removing loose contaminants, when cleaning lab sieve do this by shaking or using a very soft brush, after repeated cycles, cleaning efficiency will drop drop off, this signal is that it is time to replace the cleaning solution, drain the tank and follow local regulations regarding solution disposal, take the time to clean the tank,particularly for the bottom that is the location of ultrasonic spectrum, and using citric saturated cloth to take rub cleaning can execute efficient passivation on the surface of stainless steel

Detailed Images

Test Sieves Cleaning Compact Ultrasonic Cleaner

Test Sieves Cleaning Compact Ultrasonic Cleaner plays a pioneer performance in dislodging the clogged particles in the mesh recesses of test sieve that approved in varying aspects, likely fast, gentle, and highly efficient cleaning, universal and compact structure, easy to use, save time and cost, intensive dispersion and degassing, low maintenance and long life, our computerized, intelligent controlled ultrasonic generator can achieve the swift shift in different mode in gratifying versatile cleaning scenarios


Test Sieves Cleaning Compact Ultrasonic Cleaner

Test Sieves Cleaning Compact Ultrasonic Cleaner

Test Sieves technology is used all over the world and across all industries, keeping sieves clean is essential for ensuring they remain in spec and working properly, establishing standardized sieve cleaning protocol is small upfront investment that can save you an enormous amount of resources over time, our Test Sieves Cleaning Compact Ultrasonic Cleaner can keep you test sieves clean and in good working order that can execute fast, gentle and high efficient cleaning at low maintenance 

Machine Uses

Test Sieves Cleaning Compact Ultrasonic Cleaner

Test Sieves Cleaning Compact Ultrasonic Cleaner adopt ultrasonic technology that generated ultrasonic signal connected to the ultrasonic transducers producing mechanical vibration, which will be transmitted into the liquid bath, because of contract and extend replacement wave happen, the changed surface tension of liquid causes cavitation effect, that disperse in microscopic bubbles, the vertical travelling voids/bubbles lost equivalent pressure, that are implode on the surface or inaccessible area, the stubborn contamination is tripped off, because of incredible exploding and penetrating force, the cleaned objects are extraordinary refurbished,ultrasonic energy proves highly effective in removing particles trapped in fine mesh lab test sieves, ultrasonic cleaning is fast, avoids potential damage caused by brushing, and can achieve 100% particle removal 

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Test Sieves Cleaning Compact Ultrasonic Cleaner caters to industrial criteria in cleanliness and safe treatment in prep lab test sieve DE-contamination, favored dominance embodies characters of free-standing,electric heated, intelligent control, salient function, likely degas,pulse power, interval agitation and etc, this ultrasonic cleaner can extended cleaning roles, that is to say not limit in the spectrum in test sieve washing, when used in laboratory application, the unit can help remove blood, proteins, and contamination from glassware and instrument, keepleader, we devote to construct bespoke principle that prove our initiation in individualism and respect versatility, the place where you are standing is the place we engaged in, our response waits for your contact 

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