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Wire Marking Machine Hot Stamp Wire Printer for Cables ID_Wires Codes Printing Marker of Cable Printers Hot Foil Stamping Device

Wire Marking Machine Hot Stamp Wire Printer

Wire Marking Machine Hot Stamp Wire Printer

Wire Marking Machine Hot Stamp Wire Printer constructs dual character disc group in one stamping towers of each group combines specified quantity of character discs, the interval space of disc group is made to order, furthermore, this wire printer feature quick-change wire-guiding anvil that minimize set-up time and maximum printing speed to allow for frequency legend changes on a wide range o wire sizes, the printing process accept vertical and horizontal read on insulated wire and cable, operators with foot pedal to trigger the auto printing on surface of wires,cables with diameters: 1mm up to 15mm

Machine Description

Wire Marking Machine Hot Stamp Wire Printer

01: Application

Wire Marking Machine Hot Stamp Wire Printer adopts electric preheated rotary character discs that is actuated by pneumatic system, the operator can easily rotate individual print wheels to create code even when the wheels are hot, this is done through to use of an unique mechanism, the wire or cable is put through a wire guide and can be pulled through by the operator or machinery, a the right print location, activation of a pneumatic cylinder will push the wire to come in contact with the hot foil tape, and heat print wheels, due to heat, pressure, and dwell time, the message n the print wheel will be transferred onto the wire through the hot foil tape, depending on the pressure, an indent is usually formed on the cable as well, giving a permanent colored print on the cable or wire, because it is easy to change the code on the disc, this method is used for wire harness manufacturers or repair shops for quick stamping and arbitrary code changes  

Wire Marking Machine Hot Stamp Wire Printer accepts customized specification, such as dual disc groups in one stamping tower, or dual stamping towers of each combines one or two disc group, quantities of rotary discs, characters around the discs, font size and activating system   

02: Parameter


Wire Marking Machine Hot Stamp Wire Printer



Heating Power


Power Supply

220v,50hz Phase Voltage

Tower Qty of Rotary Discs


Row Qty of Rotary Discs


Interval Space of Discs Row


Wire/cable Diameter


Qty of Rotary Discs


Character Per Disc


Marking Pressure

0~6 Bar

Marking Temperature

0~205 Celsius  

Character Size

Type Style: Radius Character Only

Size Horizontal:1.2~2.4mm

Size Vertical: 1.2/1.6mm

Characters in Each Disc

A Thu Z; 0 Thu 9; -/. and blank

Color of Pigment Foil

White, Black, other color as request

Packaging Size


Net Weight


Gross Weight


KEEPLEADER recommends that wire samples be submitted in cases where there is doubt as to the processing capabilities of a particular wire printing machine

03:KEEPLEADER Advantages

Wire Marking Machine Hot Stamp Wire Printer attains recognition among our wold-wide clients because of its prosperity following

High quality: the keepleader Wire Marking Machine Hot Stamp Wire Printer produce durable, clear identification markings on you wires for cable assemblies, our rotary character discs are laser engraved with a concave face ensuring that complete letters are printed clearly onto even the smallest wire diameters, dwell time for the stamp can be modified to ensure high quality marking on wire jackets with a variety of different material characteristics

Higher productivity: the operators will be able to permanently mark wiring many time faster using our wheel die system as compared to loose dies that are different and time consuming to install and easily misplaced, increasing productivity means lower costs for your product and faster delivery times for your customers, lower costs and higher profits can pay for the investment in the keepleader marker in as litter as three months

Turn-key solution: keepleader is providing you with a complete solution, it is designed to be a turn-key product with all the necessary parts, components, consumables, the activation of this Wire Marking Machine Hot Stamp Wire Printer is acceptable manual, motorized, pneumatic driven, this simplifies procurement both now, an in the future, as you require pigment foil and other consumables

Flexibility: the keepleader Wire Marking Machine Hot Stamp Wire Printer has been designed with maximum flexibility in mind, identification codes and wire anvils can be changed in seconds, minimizing downtime and save you labor costs, you can also very easily add a graphic, logo or other nonstandard character to a disc and add it to your wheel die system very easily, this extra flexibility will differentiate you from your competition, bring more jobs to your shop

04: Salient Characters

Wide carriage for end marking applications

Large selection of character size and foils

Closed loop integral temperature controller

Prints horizontal or vertically along the wire

Utilizes full-size, 40 character rotary discs

Foil roll cartridge allows quick foil changeover

Minimum set-up time and maximum printing speed

Rugged heavy duty construction for the production environment

For insulated wire cable with connectors or terminated ends

Wire can be pulled through by hand or using production machinery

Stroke adjustment to ensure maximum production rate based on wire wire

Standard V-block wire guiding anvil allow marking on wire up to 15mm diameter

In one tower,dual rotary discs groups of each combines specified quantities of discs 

Detailed Images

Wire Marking Machine Hot Stamp Wire Printer

Wire Marking Machine Hot Stamp Wire Printer provides option od driven system that includes Manual lever, motorized actuation, pneumatic driving system, which should comes into consideration in your initiation, the following inquisitive spectrum focuses on the quantities of rotary discs that are arranged in one group or dual groups basing on specified interval space, additional, dual stamping tower of each combine bespoke typewheels are acceptable that listening to you evocation, this Wire Marking Machine Hot Stamp Wire Printer also can be easily interfaced with wire processing machines, and its small footprint makes them an easily integrate into existing production lines, such us meter cutting, auto stripping machine, the user has the ability to mark a wide range of materials including cable and wire, heat-shrink sleeve and plastic tube, the font size will be compatible with printing diameters that must submit in inquiry 

Machine Uses

Wire Marking Machine Hot Stamp Wire Printer

Wire Marking Machine Hot Stamp Wire Printer can executes marking wires,cables of sizes from 0.1mm to 15mm in outer diameter, the wire is loaded from side, or front loading as specified wire printer, we accept vertical and horizontal read of characters in rotary discs, the disc group can have one in one stamping tower, or dual disc groups integrated into one stamping towers, additional acceptance is two stamping tower of each combines specified disc groups basing of tailored character discs, utilizing up to 38 full size 40 character rotary discs, semi-automatic bench-top unit features foot pedal activation and intermittent motion,s it is suitable for automatic, motorcycle, and aviation cables or wires as well as products such as fishing line


Wire Marking Machine Hot Stamp Wire Printer

Wire Marking Machine Hot Stamp Wire Printer is one of the most cost effective, permanent ways to identify your wires and cables, this hot stamp wire printer features  electric heated, pneumatic driven, dual disc groups, tabletop and other salient characters, the hot stamping wire printer involves a delicate balance of heat, pressure and foil, that executes consistent, durable,crisp and cost-efficient cods identification of wire,cable with out diameter: 1mm to 15mm, furthermore, this hot stamp wire printer allows for marking on a large variety of tubing, sleevings. Identification markers plate, ID cable ties, plastic components, and just about anything else with a flat surface, if you we cannot hot stamp on it, it can’t be done

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Keepleader understands the wire and cable marking industry and the maintenance and production challenges you face on a day-to-day basis, the quality of our Wire Marking Machine Hot Stamp Wire Printer allows us to stand behind them with confidence,the simplicity of our Wire Marking Machine Hot Stamp Wire Printer makes installation very quick and painless allowing you to focus on fulfilling you customer orders, our robustly designed wire marking machine will withstand the rigors of production environment, giving you many tens of years of continuous service, if you should happen to have problem with your wire marking machine. Email us with your malfunction to gain tech assistance

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