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Cable Hot Foil Stamping Machine for Wire_Cable Coding_Marking_Printing_Labelling Hot Stamping of Wire_Cable Hot Foil Stamping

Cable Hot Foil Stamping Machine

Cable Hot Foil Stamping Machine

Cable Hot Foil Stamping Machine used for wire_cable coding, marking, printing, dating, labeling, branding, stamping by electric hot foil stamping process, its wheel characters is within 40pcs, the printing characters is up to 18pcs, and customized wheels die is also acceptable

Machine Description

Cable Hot Foil Stamping Machine


Cable Hot Foil Stamping Machine is designed for the economical and high quality marking of wires,cables, tubes, the combination of characters:letters:A~Z,numbers:0~9,punctuation:-/. and blank and character size can be selected freely within the specific range:1.2~3mm,Cable Hot Foil Stamping Machine is suitable for marking thermoplastic materials, during the process the preheated character wheels imprint the precision-engraved characters by pressing the pigmented marking foil into the insulation surface of wire/cable/protective sleeve, the concave form of the character is exactly matched to the diameter of the proceed material, the precise adjusting options for the stamping pressure, temperature, time exert prominent effect ,our Cable Hot Foil Stamping Machine is available in three configurations, manual lever, electric driven and pneumatic driven, to meet both your application requirements as well as your budget, electric and pneumatic driven models can be easily interface with wire processing machines, and their small footprint makes them an easily integrate into existing production line, combined with cutting machine, auto wire meter feeding system, stripping device and other more process


Foil cartridge allow quick foil changeover

Closed loop integral temperature controller

Large selection of character sizes and foils

Wide carriage for end marking applications

Copper character wheels have good thermal conductivity

Dual towers of rotary character discs with specified interval space

Chrome-coated treatment of concave characters for wear-resistance

Digital timer, counter, temperature controller for visible setting operation

Built-in convenient access into the lubrication to impel the smoothly rotation

Compact structure, robust construction for good longevity and space saving

Freely adjust character wheels to combine specified identification codes

Stroke adjustment to ensure maximum production rate based on wire size

Standard V-shaped anvil wire guide allows marking on wire/cable in versatile sizes

Tabletop, simple operation, and easily to move in gratifying differ working environments

Concave contacting surface of characters to comply with the round shaped insulation of wire and cable

Build-in melting stop to precise indenting depth to achieve abrasive resistance,but no damage of insulation performed after imprinting

Mainly parameter


Cable Hot Foil Stamping Machine



Power supply


Heating Power


Operation temperature

Within 200 Celsius degree

Rotary Discs

7,9,11 up to 40 of each tower

Character around discs

A~Z;0~9;-/. Blank

Quantities of Characters in discs


Font size

1.2 / 1.5 / 1.6 / 1.7 / 1.8 / 2.0 / 2.1 / 2.3/3.0 mm




860 *400*600mm



MFR: KEEPLEADER has modified and designed Cable Hot Foil Stamping Machine to accommodate our customer's unique and special requirements, contact KEEPLEADER with your detailed app for tech assessment to make  a proper recommendation

Detailed Images

Cable Hot Foil Stamping Machine

Cable Hot Foil Stamping Machine

Cable Hot Foil Stamping Machine also can equipped with auto feeding system, or have quick-plugin interface with your other wire processing equipment for automatic production line

Machne Uses

Cable Hot Foil Stamping Machine

♦ 1: wire ♦2: cable ♦3: rubber house ♦4: PVC pipe ♦5: Heat-shrink sleeve ♦6: Plastic tube ♦7: electric components of coding, marking, printing, dating, labeling, stamping, branding all are available for Cable Hot Foil Stamping Machine


Cable Hot Foil Stamping Machine

Cable Hot Foil Stamping Machine has customized printing wheel, pls provide ♦1: wheel characters ♦2: printing characters ♦3: Character size of your printing for technical confirmation

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Cable Hot Foil Stamping Machine takes assured reliability around the world among the manufacturer of wire marking in cable assembling process,imprinted wires attain favor and compulsory arrangement in sorting and identifying for aerospace, aviation, electronic,military and medical assembling production, Intending to gratify versatile scenario in production,Cable Hot Foil Stamping Machine adopts modular combination, our engineers take great efforts to design a compact construction, only build in the unavoidable sects in individual specification,which is considered for simplicity,space-saving and cost-effectiveness,believe that the users spend less,but achieve a reliable,consistent,uniformed, and traceable imprinting,herein if still cannot find your concerns, please dont hesitate to consult them with our sales representatives

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