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Industrial Cleaning Power Lift Agitation Ultrasonic Cleaner of Engine Auto Part Washing Automatic Lifting Ultrasound Washer Tank

Industrial Cleaning Power Lift Agitation Ultrasonic Cleaner

ndustrial Cleaning Power Lift Agitation Ultrasonic Cleaner

Industrial Cleaning Power Lift Agitation Ultrasonic Cleaner sorts to immersion washing with ultrasonic agitation built in motor driven auto lifting device, this industrial washer achieve fast, economical and efficient cleaning performance in removing dirty, oil, grease, flux, soldering agent,fingerprint, oxide film and other contaminants from visible and invisible surface, the cleaning object immersed inside tank of ultrasonic cleaner becomes a sound wave conductor and helps clean itself, most intricate parts may be cleaner without disassembly, the cleaning efficiency of this method is not duplicated by any other available means, ultrasonic cleaning is the application of a high frequency sound wave to an aqueous solution or solvent, the introduction of this sound wave into cleaning solution creates millions of microscopic bubbles, which expand and collapse, implode vigorously, the agitation produced by the formation and implosion of these tiny bubbles effects an intense scrubbing action submerged parts in the cleaning tank and remove accumulations and residues, additional, ancillary lifting up and down stirs the liquid in uniforming direction of penetrate any nook and cranny, timely take apart dislodged debris and particles deeply inside of blind holes, cracks, crevices and any inaccessible corners 

Machine Description

Industrial Cleaning Power Lift Agitation Ultrasonic Cleaner


Industrial Cleaning Power Lift Agitation Ultrasonic Cleaner combines ultrasonic wave stirring and auto lifting agitation to remove oil, grime, dirty, dust, grease,wax,polishing agent and other contamination on the surface or any nook and cranny of metal,plastic, rubber, ceramic object, such as all types of engine parts, automotive part, filter, muffler, coalescer,manifold, carburetor and etc,

Industrial Cleaning Power Lift Agitation Ultrasonic Cleaner is an exceptional technique that facilities the cleaning process, it is exceptionally thorough process which cleans efficiently various items, this powerful process can perform very detailed work quickly and successfully remove microscopic particles from hard surface, external as well as internal surface, blind holes and crevices, can be cleaned simultaneously and uniformly, grease, oily and sticky parts are efficiently cleaned

The applicable varieties include automotive: thoroughly removes carbon deposits, grease, and other type of dirty and contaminants from carburetors, exhaust manifolds, cylinder block, motorcycle engines snow machine, ATV Cylinder and heads and more, marine: suitable for inboard and outboard motors, aircraft: thoroughly can safely clean both large and small parts, turbine blades, fuel nozzles, generator components, brakes and other parts that require periodic cleaning



Industrial Cleaning Power Lift Agitation Ultrasonic Cleaner



Power Supply


Internal size of cleaning tank


Thanks Volume


Vibrating Spectrum

316L,Chromium Coated of Stainless steel: 2mm

Ultrasonic Power


Heating Power


Ultrasonic Vibrators

50w, qty:36pcs


1~99min Adjustable


0~80 Celsius




1~30 Minutes Preset


Stainless steel 304/316L

Lifting Actuator

Motor/Pneumatic Driven


Programmable Logic Control with Touch Screen

Operation type

Auto lifted platform agitation

Drain Valve

One Inch


Qty:4 caster of 2 with brake

Power Control




Overall Size


Packaging Size


03: Ancillary function

Industrial Cleaning Power Lift Agitation Ultrasonic Cleaner benefits from its built-in features, optional ancillary elements following are listed for your reference in ultimate caparison

031: Degas mode speeds solution preparation: freshly prepared ultrasonic cleaning solutions contain entrained air that inhibits cavitation, trapped air can be removed via two channels, letting the ultrasonic cleaner operates for a period of time without a load or specifying a ultrasonic cleaner with a degas mode for faster results, a degas mode does this jobs be switching on and off causing air bubbles to coalesce, rise to the furface and burst, this benefit of a degas model increases with the cleaning solution capacity of the ultrasonic cleaners tank

032: The benefits of the sweep mode: frequency sweeping provides a slight fluctuation in the Industrial Cleaning Power Lift Agitation Ultrasonic Cleaner and serves to even out the cleaning action, this avoids what we called hot spots or more intense and possibly damaging cavitation action, dead zones or no cleaning action, and harmonic vibrations that can damage delicate parts such as PCBs

033: The pulse mode boosts ultrasonic power: if you are cleaning products with particularly tenacious contaminants specify an Industrial Cleaning Power Lift Agitation Ultrasonic Cleaner with a pulse mode, pulse mode boosts ultrasonic power to 20% to remove stubborn contaminants, the ultrasonic performance is temporarily increased while even ultrasonic sound field distribution in the bath enhances the cleaning effect

034: equivalent comparison in ultrasonic power output: when an Industrial Cleaning Power Lift Agitation Ultrasonic Cleaner is running, electrical power is consumed evenly but it is released in intervals to create the sound waves that shape the ultrasonic signal, ultrasonic power output varies peak power from average power, when comparing a ultrasonic cleaner you must compare based on the same criterion


High frequency ultrasonic generators and transducers in combination to achieve reliable performance in ultrasonic cavitation and implosion

Compact structure, simplified operation and robust construction and solid-state design

Built-in alarming system of indicating liquid low level, cleaning parts loading and unloading

Programmable Logic control with touch screen to operate visually and digital control

Presetting Timer, temperature, ultrasonic intensity, and lifting speed

Dual cartridge filtration with cotton core of filtrating particles 5um and over fill protection

Oil skimmer to timely remove the dislodged grease to avoid cross contamination

Forklift base for easy transportation, caster with brake is convenient to more and stop

Aluminum board heating element to assist on equivalent and consistent thermal-stat 

Automatic frequency tuning of ultrasonic generator to keep prominent performing

Motor driven auto lifting device integrates with ultrasonic soaking tank for uniform agitation

High Q ultrasonic transducers, high strength glue bonding with screw fixing for efficient transmission and guaranteed longevity

Tank body made of SUS304 of 2.0~2.5mm,the vibrating spectrum is plated with environmental protection chromium treatment


Kindly follow the below content directory to maintain your Industrial Cleaning Power Lift Agitation Ultrasonic Cleaner, it will serve your longer

Install in ventilated and dry place in your working shop

Keep ultrasonic cleaner away from heat sources,leave away from flammable material

Avoid splashing liquid into the electric cabinet and surface of inside vibrators

Keep the machine clean and turn off the power when it is not in use

Avoid violent collisions, happen impact often damage the uniformity  

Timely precipitation, filtration or replacement of cleaning fluid

Remove the sediment in the tank in time, improve the tank durability

Regularly clean the dust attached to the electric cabinet and vents with compressed air

Regularly test the insulation of the equipment, check the ground wire

Regularly confirm power supply compliance

Regularly replace the circulation and filtration systems filter element

When the machine is not in use, empty the solution and clean the inner tank

When the equipment is not in use, turn it on once a month, let is run for 30 minutes 

Detailed Images

Industrial Cleaning Power Lift Agitation Ultrasonic Cleaner

Industrial Cleaning Power Lift Agitation Ultrasonic Cleaner obtains salient advantages in functionality and configuration below

Circulation and filtering system: it consists of corrosive--resistant magnetic pump and filtering element, the filtering cotton core quickly separates the dirt and clears up floats on the liquid surface, at the same time, it accelerates electrolysis and purifies the solution, complete the function of filtering the dust, oil, was, rust and burrs in the liquid and reduce cleaning fluid replacement frequency, avoid secondary pollution of parts, achieve te best cleaning effect, save cleaning fluid and cleaning agent, reduce cleaning costs and eco-friendly and energy saving, the factories are focusing on environmental protection now and circulation and filtration system will become more and more popular; pulse mode: stimulate higher energy cavitation effect, blow away more stubborn pollutants; degas mode: remove the air in the fresh cleaning solution, ensuring a better cavitation effect without air interference, quite suitable for large-capacity industry ultrasonic cleaner; lifting platform: put the cleaning basket on the lifting platform, the platform automatically raises or lowers the cleaning basket, it is convenient and fast, saving the operator’s energy, this lifting platform additionally accomplish up and down agitation during ultrasonic cleaning process for speeding up the dirt decomposition 

Machine Uses

Industrial Cleaning Power Lift Agitation Ultrasonic Cleaner

Industrial Cleaning Power Lift Agitation Ultrasonic Cleaner brings prominent advantages up to factories in convenient operation and reliable cleaning effect with following procedures

First, pour clean water into the inner tank, add cleaning agent then add water to the maxi liquid level

Put your cleaning object in the cleaning basket on the platform of lifting device, then trigger the lifter to low down into the cleaning liquid, avoid liquid overflow. But immerse the total cleaning object

Set the temperature between 50~80 Celsius degree, set the timer between 10~30 minutes, then start the ultrasonic agitation

After cleaning completion,the lifting raise up to the top of cleaning tank, take out the cleaning basket from platform of lifting device, check cleanliness

If cleanliness is up to standard, dry the parts, otherwise, repeat the cycle, and increase the heating temperature and ultrasonic agitating time

Rinse the cleaning object with distilled or DE-ionized water, and remove the residue on the part surface

You can add a suitable rust inhibitor in the cleaning solution, to prevent parts from rusting

Please refer to the above procedures to operate your Industrial Cleaning Power Lift Agitation Ultrasonic Cleaner

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Industrial Cleaning Power Lift Agitation Ultrasonic Cleaner belongs to our standing-along aqueous immersion cleaning ultrasonic cleaner combined with auto lifting agitation, equipped circulation and filtering system that is proven to be a reliable washing tank in removing grease, oil, wax, oxide film, carbon deposit, flux agent, dust, rust, grime, particular residues and polishing powder, keepleader, we research, develop, and construct aqueous cleaning ultrasonic cleaner over years of decades,we can provide everything you need, for small stainless steel tanks to automated modular system, ask about our Industrial Cleaning Power Lift Agitation Ultrasonic Cleaner,or how we can build a tailored ultrasonic cleaner for your company using a range of frequencies to tackle your specific needs, our ultrasonic cleaner technology and transducer applications, along with our world-class engineering expertise in stainless steel construction and cavitation cleaning advantages, allow us to meet virtually any need you must have along your manufacturing line, our technique experts are always ready for further assistance

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