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Tents Making PVC Welding Radio Frequency Seam Sealing Machine of Outdoor_Pagoda_Camping_Car Trailer_Safari_Relief Tent HF Welder

Tents Making PVC Welding Radio Frequency Seam Sealing Machine

Tents Making PVC Welding Radio Frequency Seam Sealing Machine

Tents Making PVC Welding Radio Frequency Seam Sealing Machine is designed specifically for production of small, middle, large format tensile structures, membranes, tarpaulin, canvas, tents, truck covers,billboards, signs, banners, inflatable dome, side curtains, and other flexible containers/tanks/blades and etc, allows to work with PVC, PU,TPU Thermoplastic film, and can be equipped with special impulse electrode or preheated bar for welding non-R.F weldable fabric made of PE,PP and other non-bipolar materials, R.F welder can also be equipped with multi-layers welding electrode or curved welding bars for sealing round window profiles made of clear PVC or any other shapes requiring precision welding, in addition, deep and wide material-trough behind the electrode for material storage and handling during large scale production in sliding and repositioning process, furthermore, the optional smooth gliding wheels for easy movement in-around welded fabric or relocation to a desired place in manufacturing hall

Machine Description

Tents Making PVC Welding Radio Frequency Seam Sealing Machine

01:Application and advantages

Tents Making PVC Welding Radio Frequency Seam Sealing Machine is process of dielectric sealing, suitable for welding, sealing or making PVC, PU, TPU Tarpaulin, canvas products, such as portable water tank, gas tank, oil containment boom, stretch ceiling, tents, truck covers, advertising banners, film screen, awning, canopy, curtain,tensile membrane structure, sunshade, inflatable dome, tailgate, pool liners,banners, advertising billboard,signs and many other flexible plastic products

Tents Making PVC Welding Radio Frequency Seam Sealing Machine also in a very safe, reliable technology that has been widely used for over decades, it is the process of fusing material together by applying radio frequency energy in the form of an electromagnetic field to the area to joined, a generator produces the energy, the tool used to supply the energy is called an electrode (or bar), the electrical energy causes the molecules within the polymer to cause molecular friction, which generators heat from interior, and soften and thereby fuse together under adjustable pressure within rated activating time and dwell time in final solidification

Tents Making PVC Welding Radio Frequency Seam Sealing Machine carries a sturdy bonding results, no outside head is applied because the heat is generated within the material, merely localized in the joining area, there are not adhesive or by-products involved in R.F welder, R.F welder uses a precise combination of time, pressure and R.F energy to form a stronger more uniform weld across the seal, this makes the weld seam as strong or stronger that the surrounding material, the resulting weld is also air/gas-tight, and water/liquid-proof


Tents Making PVC Welding Radio Frequency Seam Sealing Machine






H.F Power





Power Input






220V/380V/415V/440V/480V, 50Hz/60Hz





Silicon Diode

Oscillation Tube





Driven Mode

Pneumatic (Air compressor)

Max Pressure





Electrode Excursion


Upper Electrode(mm)





Lower Electrode(mm)





Welding Time

0~10s Adjustable






Weight (kgs)





03: Maintenance proposal

In order to preserve the longevity of your Tents Making PVC Welding Radio Frequency Seam Sealing Machine, maintenance is key, when a R.F welder goes down, there can be serious ramifications such as halts in production leading to a loss in profit, this is why keepleader has created a checklist that outlines the preventative measures you can take on a daily to a yearly basis to ensure that your R.F welder is running smoothly, as a disclaimer,before any maintenance is carried out ensure that is in a safe condition, and that services are switched off and isolated, always short capacitors and components to earth before touching, never use wet or oil rags when cleaning H.F welder, especially for electronic components, instead use denatured alcohol, below you will find a tried and true outline for maintenance of Tents Making PVC Welding Radio Frequency Seam Sealing Machine

031: Daily Maintenance

0311: Wide the table down every morning

0312: keep the area around the H.F Welder clean from debris

0313: Inspect the tooling for damage, repair according to procedure

0314: Inspect buffer for damage, repair/replace buffer and table if damaged

0315: Inspect ground shield

0316: Drain the water cap if accumulated full

032: Monthly Maintenance

0321: Replace air filter

0322: Inspect the cooling system in the barrel of oscillation tube,repair if abnormal

0323: Inspect air pressure regulator for leaks

0324: Inspect water cup for cracks or damaged seals

0325: Check inside air control system for air leaks

033: Periodic Maintenance

0331: Level tool holder

0332: Parallel tool holder and platen

0333: Ensure all ground shields are in good shape

0334: Check for cracks or discoloration

034: Yearly Maintenance

0341: Remove all panels and clean inside of the H.F welder

0342: Inspect the ground shields and replace if damaged

0343: Inspect bar or platen air pressure regulator for leaks

0344: Inspect water cup for cracks or damaged seals

0345: Clean interior of generator cabinet

0346: Remove and clean oscillator valve

04: Minding Notice for getting a reliable and consistent sealing effect

041: Arc or spark only occurs due to an irregularity, such as the presence of foreign matter, material imperfections, over current and pressure applied, or improperly located material

042: R.F sealing can be made more efficient by controlling heat loss, the heat is generated in the plastic, therefore, the tooling actually sucks heat out of the material since the tooling temperature is below the melt temperature of the plastic (115~160 Celsius degree), heat losses can be minimized by warming the tooling to approximately (49~66 Celsius degree), or by insulating the tooling surface from the product witch a buffer, bother methods reduce the heat-sink effect of the tooling, while allowing for efficient cooling after the R.F is turned off

043: Tooling that is run at temperature higher than ambient needs to be leveled on the press at the temperature at which it will be run, the natural tendency of metal plates to expand when heated tends to warp platens at higher temperature, leveling adjustments are built into most R.F welder platens to address the expansion and avoid warping

044:R.F output can also be enhanced by increasing press pressure so that the material will bond before interface reaches the temperature needed for a full melt, but this parameter has the smallest effect when compared with exerted energy and melting time

05: Salient features

PVC,PU,TPU, and thermoplastic30% contained or coated membrane structure cloth all are available in seam sealing,butt sealing, hem sealing with rope,overlap sealing and zipper bonding

Length, width and radian of jointing area can be adjusted by welding electrode/bar

Built-in deep material-trough behind the electrode which makes the H.F welder suitable for large scale fabrication that require extensive material handling

Infrared laser scanning system at two sides of the R.F welder to get precise welding position

European type of squareness high frequency oscillation barrel intends more reliable output

International industrial wave bands 27.12MHz and 40.68MHz

Adopting high sensitive anti-spark device NL-5557 to protect the material and R.F electrode
Firmly welding bonds to thick or thin dimension of welding material

RF power output ranges 5kw up to 25kw to cater different circle welding size

Safe-down anti-crush electrode safety excursion protection system

Auto-tuning for steady R.F Power feed to assure consistent welds

High production capacity with full programmable logic control

R.F Emission protection considered in primary construction, less interference around the electronic
Custom R.F Electrodes are available for versatile Production scenario
Line up you material accurately every time with manual actuator and food pedal precision

Functional panel with intuitive operating menu for convenient taking procedures

Heating device is optional, also suitable for R.F non-weldable material such as PE

Easily change electrodes with quick-grip release system of welding molds

Ultra-fast monitoring of arcs and overloads for protecting the integrity of the electrode,material

Simple to install, setup and easy to operation, maintenance and malfunction diagnosis

Detailed Images

Tents Making PVC Welding Radio Frequency Seam Sealing Machine

Tents Making PVC Welding Radio Frequency Seam Sealing Machine is also known as dielectric welding and high frequency welding in membrane structure seam sealing, this R.F plastic welding process that utilizes radio frequency electric fields to induce heating and melting of thermoplastic base polymer, the electric field is applied by a pair of electrodes after the parts being joined are clamped together, the clamping force is maintained until the joint solidifies, advantages of this process are fast circle times, automation, repeatability, and good weld appearance, only plastics which have dipoles can be heated using radio waves and therefore not all plastic are able to be welded using this process, also, this process is not well suited for thick or overly complex joints, the most common use of this process is lap joints, but it has significant advantages, such as follow

#1: Cost:Tents Making PVC Welding Radio Frequency Seam Sealing Machine is highly affordable, especially if you choose free-standing model with minimum R.F power: 5kw

#2: Safer for your material the process of Tents Making PVC Welding Radio Frequency Seam Sealing Machine is designed to maximum sealing while minimizing the likelihood of damaging other parts of your material

#3: Environmental concerns: welding your PVC with one of our Tents Making PVC Welding Radio Frequency Seam Sealing Machine will not generate any toxic smoke that could damage the environment

04: Results: the end result of sealing PVC with Tents Making PVC Welding Radio Frequency Seam Sealing Machine is a smooth, streamlined product that you will be proud to show your customers

Machine Uses

Tents Making PVC Welding Radio Frequency Seam Sealing Machine

Tents Making PVC Welding Radio Frequency Seam Sealing Machine joins materials together by supplying radio frequency wave in the form of an electromagnetic field and pressure to the surface of the material to be joined, energy is produced by a generator, supplied through a electrode tool, electrical energy causes molecules within the material at the joining orientation to start random flip, generating heat that causes the material to soften and fuse together, not outside heat is required, and best for

Aerospace, Athletic mats, awnings, billboards, blinds, clear span buildings, containment booms, conveyor belts, curtains of agriculture, curtains of gymnasium, curtains of truck side, roller door, evacuation slides, flexible storage tank/bladders, Geo-membranes/liners,greenhouses, mattresses, pergolas, pool covers, pools, inflatables, screens, shades/tension structure, signs, tarpaulins/covers, tents, stretch ceiling and inflatable and flexible products 

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