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Industrial Cleaning Ultrasonic Vapor Degreaser Machine of Ultrasonic Vapour Degreasing Equipment With Motor Elevator Degreasers

Industrial Cleaning Ultrasonic Vapor Degreaser Machine

Industrial Cleaning Ultrasonic Vapor Degreaser Machine


Industrial Cleaning Ultrasonic Vapor Degreaser Machine is chemicals used to remove dirt, grease and other organic lubricants, an ultrasonic degreaser has quite a number of advantages that are environmentally friendly, less harmful to humans and most are non-corrosive and completely remove insoluble substances, factors to consider before buying vapor degreaser include the pH level, ingredients/chemical composition, proper temperature ranges, and the viscosity of the vapor degreaser, there are various types of degreaser equipment to consider for your task

Machine Description

Industrial Cleaning Ultrasonic Vapor Degreaser Machine

01: Application

Industrial Cleaning Ultrasonic Vapor Degreaser Machine uses a solvent in place of aqueous solutions to clean various contaminants from parts, typically, the parts are placed in basket driven by motorized lifting device with down agitation functionally lowered into the machine, the parts are either submerged in the solvent or suspended above the solvent in a vapor zone where the solvent can condense on the parts allowing the soils to dissolve away, options for cleaning including ultrasonic or spraying system for imparting additional mechanical energy to the process, solvent distillation and filter systems can dramatically extend the lift of solvents, helping cleanliness levels and keeping cost low, some advantages of Industrial Cleaning Ultrasonic Vapor Degreaser Machine over aqueous-based processes include 100% dry parts immediately on removal from the degreaser and the ability to clean tough soils, heavy oils, even metal debris of any insoluble inorganic particles, soluble organic particles at lower temperature

02: Parameter


Industrial Cleaning Ultrasonic Vapor Degreaser Machine



Boiling tank size


Condensing Zone


Power Supply

380v, 50hz, Phase Voltage:220v, Line Voltage:380

Control Voltage


Solvent Capacity


Ultrasonic Power


Heating Power


Reciprocating compressor


Distillation rage



4 gpm 10u

Ultrasonic Frequency


Qty of Ultrasonic vibrators


Heating Depth


Overall Size




Packing Volume


03: Using steps

There are only a few steps to using Industrial Cleaning Ultrasonic Vapor Degreaser Machine

031: Place the products to be cleaned in a basket

032: Start the auto lifting, slowly lower the parts into cleaning fluid vapors above the boil sump for the first few moments of cleaning, the vapors condense on the (relatively) cool parts and cleaning starts, any liquid cleaning fluid drips off the parts and falls back into the boil sump

033: Continue lowering the parts into the boil sump, the cleaning fluid wraps around the parts, goes into and out of the tightest spaces, and dissolves oils, greases and fluxes, this is where the heavy cleaning occurs, notice the gentle nature of vapor cleaning: there is no high-pressure spray, no air knives, no high temperature stressing the components, it is simple, fast and easy

034: Remove the parts from the boil sump and move them into the rinse sump. Here, fresh, pure distilled cleaning fluid removes any final final vestige of the contamination, if only have one boiling sump, the rinsing is completed in the same immersion boiling sump

035: Once rinsing is complete, slowly remove the parts from the rinse sump/Boiling sump, up through vapors, and remove them from the machine, the parts come out clean, dry and relatively cool, ready for the next manufacturing process

There are many additional features and accessories which are available from the various equipment manufacturers, keepleader engineers will review their options to insure they get the machine which will provide optimal performance at the lowest total cost per part cleaned

04: Advantages

All in one compacted tank degreasing cleans more effectively, the boiling and rinsing sump in one tank method utilized in vapor degreasing typically will get the parts cleaner than aqueous ultrasonic method, also, vapor degreasing solvent are suitable for cleaning a wider range of materials not long soluble organic soils but also insoluble inorganic particles likely metal chips and salts and buffing powder

Industrial Cleaning Ultrasonic Vapor Degreaser Machine has ultrasonic vibration scrubbing and down agitation of lifting device, immersion cleaning, the ultrasonic energy cause the injection bubbles to penetrate in the deep blinds, holes, corners and crevice to dislodge inside dirties, the ultrasonic agitation to knock contaminants off the object molecular level, in which the cleanliness can reach far that aqueous cleaning, down agitation helps to displace the loosen particles which enclosed by vaporized solvent

Vapor Degreaser is fast, in vapor degreasing, the solvent does most of the work, once that work is done, it evaporates quickly, leaving the part squeaky clean and ready for use, vapor degreaser usually does not require additional scrubbing or cleaning steps as ultrasonic cleaning often does

Vapor Degreaser is cost-effective, while solvent costs more that water, keep in m ind the solvent is vapor degreasing machine can be recycled almost indefinitely, so the cost to maintain is quite low, labor costs are often lower as well, with vapor degreaser, there is not need to spend money or floor space on additional processing equipment, and when you factor in the costs saved as a result of high-quality cleaning performance, more companies agree that Industrial Cleaning Ultrasonic Vapor Degreaser Machine is a bargain

Vapor degreaser is a responsible option, besides the fact that vapor degreasing solvent is almost infinitely recyclable, there are other ways in which vapor degreaser can be more sustainable that aqueous ultrasonic cleaning, if you are in an area prone to drought, using a vapor degreaser can help you water use to a minimum, also, depending on the solvent,Industrial Cleaning Ultrasonic Vapor Degreaser Machine can be far less energy-intensive to operate because it requires the liquid to be kept at a much lower temperature

05: Character

051: Reduces solvent consumption and costs: the vapor degreaser equipped primary water chiller coils and refrigeration condensing coils to entrap the emission of vapor at the minimum rate,  

052: Lower electric expense, the heating elements only applied in boiling sump, tank lid is also considered for best sealing performance in cleaning process

053: Improved operator controls and diagnostics: compact PLC coupled with a high-resolution, full color touchscreen HMI

0454: Wash, rinse and dry with a spot-free finish in one compact degreaser

055: Compacted structure keep the footprint small, faster cycle time compared to aqueous ultrasonic cleaning machine

056: No water consumption or waste water treatment required

057: No exhaust required

058: rugged stainless steel frame and tank to guarantee the longevity basing on solvent corrosion

059: Super heater for quick heating up to the rated temperature

0510: closed-loop of solvent treatment for re-circulation

0511: Gravity water separator with molecular sieve capability

0512: Sloped tank bottom that provides ease of maintenance when cleaning

0513: 360 degree peripheral cooling coils surround the internal tank

Detailed Images

Industrial Cleaning Ultrasonic Vapor Degreaser Machine

Industrial Cleaning Ultrasonic Vapor Degreaser Machine comes in a variety of configurations depending on customer application, we, keepleader can size a vapor degreaser to fit not only your parts, but also your cycle time and production requirements, with today’s solvents is essential to size the vapor degreaser properly to ensure maximum solvent recapture through distillation cycle chilling coils, also can equipped with auto lifting deice for auto processing and down agitation to improve insoluble particle displacement in cleaning performance

Machine Uses

Industrial Cleaning Ultrasonic Vapor Degreaser Machine

Industrial Cleaning Ultrasonic Vapor Degreaser Machine has advancement in technology of vaporized solvent cleaning built in ultrasonic scrubbing vibration, auto lifting with down agitation and condensing coils entrapping blanket, which has proven to be the mos t effective way to deal with grease, oil, or dirty on any surface not only soluble organic contamination but also insoluble inorganic substance

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