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Ultrasonic Blind Cleaning Machine

Ultrasonic Blind Cleaning Machine

Ultrasonic Blind Cleaning Machine has Dual Sump of ultrasonic agitation explosive cleaning and immersion rinsing with selectable inner size of 2meter to 3meters

Machine description

Ultrasonic Blind Cleaning Machine




Ultrasonic power


Heating power


Ultrasonic frequency


Power supply


Ultrasonic tub size


Rinsing tub size


Tank material

SUS304, 2.0mm

Tank bottom


Cover material


Net Weight


Gross weight


Packaging volume


02:Mainly introduction

KEEPLEADER is professional MFRS of ultrasonic blind cleaning machine, we usually make customized dimension and function, the basic model has dual tubs, one is used for ultrasonic cleaning, the other is used for rinsing, the machine also has tub lid, bottom supporting, drying stand, pulling handle, removable casters, The tub length is 1500~3000mm, the tub width is 400~600mm, tub depth is 300~600mm, each model only has one type frequency 28khz, 40khz, up to 80khz, all KEEPLEADER ultrasonic blind cleaning machine include two stainless steel tubs, a heated cleaning tub with ultrasonic, the rinsing tub, blinds to be cleaned are first lowered into the ultrasonic tub, where high-intensity ultrasonic transducer will remove contaminants from every part of the blinds, including the head rail, and bottom rails, after completion of the rinsing cycle, the blind is allowed to drain for a few seconds and is them moved to the rinsing tank, there the tap water is used to rinse off detergent resides, detergent remaining behind will leave residues on the blinds after drying, especially dark-colored blinds after the blinds are full rinsed, they must be dried prior to re-hanging, So, KEEPLEADER has advanced model, which equipped with hot air drying gun, and circulation & filtering system, dropping tray for quick drying the blind after cleaning, also try to avoid the secondary polluted, in addition, we also design other customized kits coupled with the machine to improve cleaning effect, convenient operation

In order to couple this machine with a mobile for on-site cleaning demand, KEEPLEADER also can build-in vibrators pack, which is removable for any existing tub, compacted design, and light weight is also considered

03: What us ultrasonic blind cleaning?

Ultrasonic cleaning is based upon the effect produced by ultrasonic sound waves travelling through water, the compressions and expansion between each sound wave create gas pockets that expand and then explode throughout the solution, the agitation caused by these exploding bubbles provides the energy to gently yet effectively knock dirty and other debris off all surfaces immersed in the ultrasonic bath, the sound waves are produced by vibrations coming from transducers tuned to certain frequencies, which are usually mounted in a long flat box shaped pods inside the tank, or underneath its lower surface, these in turn are powered by a generator which provides the energy to power the transducer and many allow the operation to vary the intensity or speed of the cycles by which the transducer are powered

What factors effect ultrasonic blind cleaning?

Ultrasonic frequency: 28khz and 40khz is the popular, 28khz is stronger in cleaning force, but, 40khz or higher frequency smaller scale of penetration, the machine also can built with two different frequency to provide a mix of aggressive power and fine particle removal, KEEPLEADER also provide function of intensity of power so that ultrasonic can be very gentle for delicate items and more aggressive when appropriate  

Solution: regardless of the mechanical potential available, the effectiveness of the ultrasonic cleaning is affected by the amount of water in the tank and type of solution, ultrasonic blind cleaning is often used soap

Cleaning time: If dip a nicotine stained vinyl vertical in the ultrasonic tank, within moments wisps of smudgy yellow grime would be observed floating off into the water, effective ultrasonic blind cleaning requires attention to the items being cleaned and the degree and type of soiling involved, while most of the dirty removed in the first minute or less of immersion in the cleaning tank of the ultrasonic blind cleaning machine, fabric blind adsorb more energy that hard object and respond at different speeds

Material: as ultrasonic cleaning involves water immersion, it is important to limit its application to material that can be safely be immersed in water, ultrasonic are not the problem if fabric shrink, gules fail, or dyes run, it was their incompatibility with the water that probably caused the problem, while most hard blinds and many fabric blinds can be effectively cleaned using ultrasonic, the age of the shade (sun weakened fabric, glues crystallized with age, etc) and the type of soiling present may limit what (if anything) can be done in terms of ultrasonic cleaning, room darkening honeycomb shades or water sensitive glues may be damaged by ultrasonic cleaning

04: Frequency asked question

041: What kinds of chemicals do your use to clean the blinds?

KEEPLEADER recommends warm soapy water mixed with a nontoxic, biodegradable soap, this leaves you with sparking clean blinds that you will thoroughly enjoy, not only will they look clean they will also smell fresh, the cleaning temperature is usually 40~50 degree

042: What kind of blinds can be cleaned by your machine?

Following are some common blinds that are cleaned using ultrasonic cleaning method

Wood blinds (Real wood is not ok)

Faux wood blinds, mini blinds, PVC vertical blinds, Aluminum Blinds

Plastic blinds, venetian blinds and Luminettes

043: What dirties can be cleaned?

Ultrasonic cleaning with sound wave is the fastest, easiest way to clean your blinds, shades, and more, remove dirty, dust, grease, spot, smoke, fingerprint , nicotine, and pollen, as well as other allergen accumulators, helps prevent static and duct build-up

044: How does blind ultrasonic cleaning work?

The function of ultrasonic cleaning is cavitations, which is the repeated formation and immediate collapse of millions of microscopic bubbles in a liquid medium, these bubbles from other the entire surface of an object and penetrate into every slot and crevice
045: How does the machine clean?

The ultrasonic wave goes though the liquid, causes the cavitations, produces tiny bubbles, which implode in producing irrigating, this force lifts all contaminants from almost any surface, because,  the bubbles is microscopic scales, which can go into any corners, slots or cracks, ultrasonic blind cleaning machine is extremely efficient, it does not scratch, pit or damage the blinds

046: Why blinds need ultrasonic cleaning?

Window blinds are everywhere, from homes, office building restaurants, hospitals, universities, military bases to boats and more, blind is not only beautiful but also can well protect furniture and other household projects in a very inexpensive solution, but, the blind is very easy getting dirty, not only looks ugly but also is harmful for health, many people try to clean their blinds by hand, scrub them in the bathtub, unfortunately, the result is always not satisfied, it is very different, if not possible to get blinds as clean as desired. Blinds quickly become dirty again as static-electricity from cleaning actually attracts dust and dirty, cleaning blinds by hand is back-breaking, labor-intensive and time consuming work, and also very easy to break during cleaning, ultrasonic cleaning is totally different the traditional method, it is more efficiency and labor save, and marvelous cleaning result

05: What benefits come from ultrasonic blind cleaning?

Cost saving: Periodical blind cleaning will increase the lifespan of your blinds, saving money on your re-purchasing blinds

Environment: ultrasonic blind cleaning can keep your home or working environment pleasant

Health and Safety: Blinds are extremely good at catching dust, harmful bacteria and also nicotine as they effectively act as an air filter; ultra sonic cleaning removes this build up.

Detailed iamges

Ultrasonic Blind Cleaning Machine

Ultrasonic Blind Cleaning Machine has carbinet of ultrasonic generator, aut frequency sweep of ultrasonic genererator, digital display of heating elements and ultrasonic switch, dual sump of dirty remove cleaning and precision immersion rinsing

Machine Uses

Ultrasonic Blind Cleaning Machine

Ultrasonic Blind Cleaning Machine is adopted for restorative cleaning dirty blinds in result of shining and sterilization, vacuum bubbles caused when ultrasound waves agitate in the water tank, which explore jetting force and heat to scrub thorough surface of blinds and window curtain to remove the dust and grime, this action also penetrates blind holes, cracks and recesses, your blinds will look like new again 

Product technoolgy

Ultrasonic Blind Cleaning Machine is composed cleaning tank, vibrators and ultrasonic generators, the electronic assembles of generator changes the power to ultrasonic signals, the vibrators mounted are received this signals and emit sound waves in the liquid creating millions of microscopic tiny bubbles that energetically implode, literally sucking the surface clean, ultrasonic is powerful, and a gentle cleaning process that does not require physical contact, scrubbing o harsh chemicals

Ultrasonic technology is used in all hospitals, dental, surgeries and optometrists as part of the sterilization process; it is also used in many other industries that require a precision clean to remove dirty, grime, mold, and bacteria

Ultrasonic blind cleaning deep cleans the vanes, ladders, cords, and head rail, having your blinds ultrasonically cleaned is beneficial in homes and work environments where occupants suffer with asthma or other respiratory conditions

Ultrasonic Blind Cleaning Machine

 Ultrasonic Blind Cleaning Machine is ideal dirty removal solution for windon blinds by ultrasonic molecular agitation explosive jetting cleaning

Cleaning effect

Ultrasonic Blind Cleaning Machine

Ultrasonic Blind Cleaning Machine is capable for windown blind made of plastic, wooden, aluminum slat

Contact Us

Ultrasonic Blind Cleaning Machine plays a role of effective removing contamination at any corner of dirty blinds, especially for inaccessible holes, cracks, slits and die corners, where we often can detect grime and dirt to maintain a healthy and beautiful home or office interior, keepleader, we intend to provide a reliable and affordable solution for your cleaning business or service, modular units in the whole procedures can integrate into machine, or, we only arrange some units to combine your existed device, the optional features include ultrasonic agitated cleaning, submission rinsing, hot air drying, hanging dry, filtering circulation, depending on your concerns to work with an achievement

Ultrasonic Blind Cleaning Machine