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Blinds Shutters Cleaning Bath Window Curtain Ultrasonic Cleaner of Vertical Blind_Drape Two Tanks Ultrasound Dip Washing Machine

Blinds Shutters Cleaning Bath Window Curtain Ultrasonic Cleaner

Blinds Shutters Cleaning Bath Window Curtain Ultrasonic Cleaner

Blinds Shutters Cleaning Bath Window Curtain Ultrasonic Cleaner is a process that uses high frequency ultrasound waves transmitting into the aqueous tank to generate explosive jets of penetrating thoroughly all corners of submerged window blinds, curtain, and shutters in resulting of removing contamination, explosive jets are produced from vacuum bubbles, these bubbles implode when they come into contact with water, tiny vibrations form from this process which power cleans the blinds, ultrasonic blind cleaning targets any dust or grime that begins to build upon your dirty blinds

Product description

Blinds Shutters Cleaning Bath Window Curtain Ultrasonic Cleaner with length: 2m to 3m for optional

Blinds Shutters Cleaning Bath Window Curtain Ultrasonic Cleaner is a dual tank system used to clean all types of blinds as well as other fixtures using sonic energy in a water detergent solution

Mainly parameter

The size of Blinds Shutters Cleaning Bath Window Curtain Ultrasonic Cleaner








200 litres

Operation capacity

150 litres

The size of rinse tank








200 litres

Operation capacity

150 litres

Overall dimension







The mainly parameter of machine



Ultrasonic power


Heating power


Net weight


Ultrasonic frequency


The number of vibrator



Dual Tank System Solid Stainless Steel Construction digital Timer Sweep Frequency Locking Castors Valve Outlets EMC Tested and Approved Made of 304 stainless stell ll exterior surfaces are 0.9mm in 304 stainless steel. The utrasonic and rinse chamber are fabricated from 304 stainless steel and are 1.6mm in thickness A circuit breaker with a rating of 15 amps is also fitted for circuit protection and personal safety The mains plug/socket outlet is located at the side of the unit, which allows the operator to remove the connection when the unit needs to be re-located A double valve drain outlet is located at the opposite end of the unit

 MFR: KEEPLEADER™ have modified and designed Blinds Shutters Cleaning Bath Window Curtain Ultrasonic Cleaner for our customers’ unique and special requirements, please contact KEEPLEADER™ for updated details

Product uses

Blinds Shutters Cleaning Bath Window Curtain Ultrasonic Cleaner

Blinds Shutters Cleaning Bath Window Curtain Ultrasonic Cleaner is adopted for restorative cleaning dirty blinds in result of shining and sterilization, vacuum bubbles caused when ultrasound waves agitate in the water tank, which explore jetting force and heat to scrub thorough surface of blinds and window curtain to remove the dust and grime, this action also penetrates blind holes, cracks and recesses, your blinds will look like new again


What considerations in process of window blind cleaning?

Window blinds are everywhere, from homes and office buildings to restaurants, hospitals, universities, military bases. Boats and more, practically any structure that has windows, also have window blinds, the reason is simple, in addition to being beautiful, window blinds can also be a very expensive solution for someone who need to cover their windows, however, there is a down-side, window blinds get very dirty, over time, dirty build-up degrades and damages blinds, this creates a costly problem as the blind will need to be replaced, additionally, window blinds can get so dirty that they don’t just look ugly, they can become a breeding ground for bacteria and allergens, in commercial settings, dirty blinds can be a significant health hazard that can lead to employee absenteeism, infections and other serious problems, such problems not only reduce productivity, they can be a serious liability

Despite their popularity and the potential risks, most people believe that there is only one, time-tested way to clean window blinds by hand, “time-tested” is a waste of time and money, must people try to clean their blinds by hand, they’ll scrub them in the bathtub, hose them down or maybe even use some gadget or chemical advertised on TV, unfortunately, the results are always the same

01: its is very difficult, if not impossible, to get blinds as clean as desired

02: blinds quickly become dirty again as static-electricity from cleaning actually attracts dust, dirty and other invisible contamination

03: cleaning blinds by hand is back-breaking, labor-intensive and time consuming work

04: blinds are very easy to break during cleaning

Introducing the method of ultrasonic cleaning at KEEPLEADER™

KEEPLEADER™ Ultrasonic cleaning put an end to those practices and problems more than ten years ago when KEEPLEADER™ invested the window blind ultrasonic cleaning machine,, it allows anyone to clean window blinds quickly, safely and absolutely minimizes the risk of damaging blinds during cleaning

Endless potential

How big is the ultrasonic blind cleaning business? Take a look at the following examples, these could be your customers

Each building can have several hundred to several thousand blinds, but this is only the start, look into cleaning everything from light fixtures to computers and more

Not only can restaurants have many dozens of blinds, in order to maintain a safe dining environment and to provide a pleasant dining experience (in addition to meeting local health department codes), the opportunity to clean other items, from filters  and oven burners to pots and pan, baking trays and silk plants, is tremendous

As you can see, the market is massive, take a look around your area and your will see window blinds everywhere, with hundreds of millions of blinds sold each year, and the popularity of blinds continuing to grow, ultrasonic blind cleaning machine is a great business, KEEPLEADER™ can impel your business by our art-craft-like window blind ultrasonic cleaning machine

What kinds of window blinds can be cleaned?

With KEEPLEADER™ Ultrasonic, you can clean virtually any type of window blind on the market today, we should know, over the years we’ve cleaned every type of window blind, there is including: wood blinds, vinyl blinds, venetian blinds, vertical blinds, Silhouettes, micro mini blinds, mini blinds, luminettes, roller shades, pleated shades, fabric blinds, privacy curtains, shades, shutters, curtains, draperies

What will ultrasonic window blind cleaning do for you?

As a stand-along operation, window blind ultrasonic cleaning is an in-demand service that is very profitable, it also offers the opportunity to expand and clean other items such as light lenses, silk plants, air vents, computers and more

As an add-on to your current business, window blind ultrasonic cleaning creates another, reliable revenue stream

Regardless of which window blind ultrasonic cleaning machine you choose, KEEPLEADER™ is confident that you’ll experience amazing success 

 After-sales service


After purchasing at KEEPLEADER™ is first step of our after-service, all of machines at KEEPLEADER™ has one year guarantee, we provide free samples for defected parts to do replacement except for human damage, under information for your notice

01: KEEPLEADER™ always posts the new technical file in our homepage that can help our client in new technical information of machines’ design, character, application, operation, maintenance,

and related, KEEPLEADER™ also welcome our clients feed back the machines’ working condition that can get one to one service

02: If the machine you purchased has any defects, please contact sales representative at KEEPLEADER™, we will assign our experienced engineer analyze your case and provide technical support, in case of damaged parts that cannot repair, KEEPLEADER™ will provide a new parts to replace the defect

03: For any replacement and maintenance, KEEPLEADER™ has user manual and training video

04: KEEPLEADER™ can go to oversea for on-site training

05: KEEPLEADER™ can provide electric diagram if in need

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Blinds Shutters Cleaning Bath Window Curtain Ultrasonic Cleaner plays a role of effective removing contamination at any corner of dirty blinds, especially for inaccessible holes, cracks, slits and die corners,where we often can detect grime and dirt to maintain a healthy and beautiful home or office interior, keepleader, we intend to provide a reliable and affordable solution for your cleaning business or service, modular units in the whole procedures can integrate into machine, or, we only arrange some units to combine your existed device, the optional features include ultrasonic agitated cleaning, submission rinsing, hot air drying, hanging dry, filtering circulation, depending on your concerns to work with an achievement

Blinds Shutters Cleaning Bath Window Curtain Ultrasonic Cleaner