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Marketing Director

Work Place: Shenzhen Working years: more than five years
Gender: No limitSalary: Negotiable
Job Responsibilities:
1. Responsible for the strategic planning of the company's market, formulate the overall work plan of the company's market, and propose specific directions and implementation plans for marketing, brand, public relations, activities, etc.;
2. Organize and supervise the implementation of the annual marketing plan;
3. Conduct market research and analysis, study the development status of peers and the industry, conduct regular market forecasting and intelligence analysis, and provide basis for company decision-making;
4. Formulate the company's overall public relations strategy and response to crisis public relations;
5. Establish and improve the marketing department's work processes and system specifications;
6. Formulate marketing and marketing budgets and the overall financial budget of the marketing department for the formulation, control and improvement of the incentive assessment system;
7. Manage the marketing team and conduct market training and guidance for team members and related departments.
1. College degree or above in marketing management or related majors
2. Five years of marketing experience, working as a marketing director for related companies for more than 2 years and having excellent work experience
3. Have strong planning skills, be familiar with all kinds of media operation methods, and have successful experience in promoting large-scale market activities;
4. Have sensitive business and market awareness, strong ability to analyze problems and solve problems, and have excellent resource integration capabilities and business promotion capabilities;
5. Have good communication and cooperation skills and rich team building experience.
Welfare policy: Enjoy national statutory holidays and state-defined pension insurance


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